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Ivory Coast: 700,000 undergoing forced eviction
China: Release Tibetan Land Defenders!
Zimbabwe: Rural Forced Evictions
Argentina: Rampant Forced Evictions in BA
Nigeria: 30K Forcibly Evicted, 300K at Risk
TNC Land Grab in Sierra Leone
Turkey: Mass Dispossession in Diyarbakır
Cameroon: Hundreds of families risk eviction
Cameroon: > 2,000 people facing eviction
Cameroon: Demolition Threatens 3K Families

Housing and Land Rights Violation Database
Mapping Eviction, Dispossession, Destruction and Privatization-related Cases

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Download the current HLRN World Habitat Day report: Forced Eviction and Urban Transformation as Tools of War: The Case of Diyarbakır, Turkey

In light of the Habitat III conference in October 2016, HIC-HLRN returns to the scene of its fact-finding mission in March 1996, ahead of the Habitat II conference in Istanbul, Turkey. There, HIC investigated reports of massive demolition of Kurdish villages by the Turkish military. That history is repeating itself with the destruction of Kurdish habitat in southeastern Turkey, this time in several major cities, since the end of the government’s ceasefire with the outlawed PKK in 2015.

In the first time that HLRN focuses a Habitat Day report on a single country, this account relies on the HLRN Violation Database entries for the Republic of Turkey to survey the current context, and delves into the details of the specific case of the destruction and appropriation of Suriçi, the historic center of Diyarbakır, which is considered to be the regional capital of the Kurdish people of Anatolia.

Download the report here

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