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RES: A Human Right to Land, 18 June 2021
RES: Land, Women and Socio-Economic Development in the Arab Region: A Literature Review, 18 April 2021
RES: SR_Questionnaire_discrimination_housing_AR, 07 April 2021
RES: Consolider, développer et intégrer l`approche féministe dans HIC Afrique, 10 February 2021
RES: Consolidating, Developing and Mainstreaming the Feminist Approach in HIC Africa, 10 February 2021
RES: تقرير جديد: الأرض وسط الجائحة, 11 December 2020
RES: New from HIC-HLRN: “A Pandemic of Violations”, 05 October 2020
RES: International sources on the concept and criteria of “landlessness”, 05 July 2020
RES: Urban Farming Benefits in Nairobi, 03 July 2020
RES: استبيان حول الأمن الغذائي في الأزمات, 28 May 2020
RES: Encuesta sobre seguridad alimentaria en crisis, 27 May 2020
RES: استبيان حول الأمن الغذائي في الأزمات, 27 May 2020
RES: Enquête sur la sécurité alimentaire dans les crises, 27 May 2020
RES: نحو آلية مؤسسية لتشارك أصحاب المصلحة في حوكمة موئل الأمم المتحدة الجديدة, 09 February 2020
RES: Toward an Institutional Mechanism for Stakeholder Engagement in the New UN Habitat Governance, 09 February 2020
RES: Hacia un Mecanismo Institucional para la participación de las Partes Interesadas en la Nueva Gobernanza de ONU Hábitat, 09 February 2020
RES: Vers un Mécanisme Institutionnel d’Engagement des parties prenantes dans la Nouvelle Gouvernance d’ONU Habitat, 09 February 2020
RES: HIC-HLRN : Nouveaux travail avec l`ONU Habitat, 09 February 2020
RES: شبكة الموئل: لتعاون جديد مع موئل الأمم المتحدة, 09 February 2020
RES: HIC-HLRN: New Ways to Work with UN Habitat, 09 February 2020
RES: Vanishing Biodiversity Threatens Our Food, 23 February 2019
RES: USA: Most Citizens in 3rd World Conditions, 30 January 2019
RES: USA: In Search of Eviction Data, 22 August 2018
RES: الحق في المدينة في بيروت الكبرى, 23 April 2018
RES: India: A New Report on Forced Eviction, 28 February 2018
RES: العدالة الانتقالية وحقوق الأرض والسكن في اليمن: محافظة تعز نموذجا, 28 February 2018
RES: Anatomy of ISIL in the Middle East, 29 August 2017
RES: Fact Sheet on Israeli Housing and Land Rights Violations during 2016, 31 December 2016
RES: Most New Yorkers on Edge of Homelessness, 25 November 2016
RES: EU Aid Rewards Western Sahara Occupation, 24 November 2016
RES: Indigenous Rights Key to Saving Forests, 02 November 2016
RES: Matrice de Pertes/Outil pour l`évalutation des impacts de l`expulsion, 28 August 2016
RES: Herramienta para la evaluation de impacto de desalojos, 28 August 2016
RES: Eviction Impact Assessment Tool, 27 August 2016
RES: Struggling to Chart Habitat II Implementation, 26 July 2016
RES: A Tool for Evaluative Habitat III Reporting: Responding to the Need for Evaluative National Reports, 24 July 2016
RES: Cultural Heritage Loss, Human Rights Violation?, 07 June 2016
RES: Sanctuary in the City: Beirut, 01 June 2016
RES: HLRN-India Launches Habitat III Status Report, 05 February 2016
RES: DRC: Why Rush Inga3 Dam?, 26 January 2016
RES: OXFAM to Davos Millionaires: “Even It up”, 21 January 2016
RES: تقرير الوضع العا لمحافظة تعز ديسمبر 2015, 19 January 2016
RES: Habitat III Regional Report for the Arab Region (2nd draft), 16 January 2016
RES: Land in The Habitat III Regional Report for the Arab Region: Structure, process and outcome issues, 10 January 2016
RES: Notes on Draft 2 of Habitat III Regional Report for the Arab Region, 10 January 2016
RES: Tibet: Climate Change Challenges China Policies, 10 December 2015
RES: The Struggle over Land, 05 October 2015
RES: منهجية مدمجة لتقارير وطنية للموئلالثالث, 24 September 2015
RES: Human Rights & Local Government Report, 18 September 2015
RES: Veolia Dumps Jerusalem Rail, 27 August 2015
RES: “Purpose-built” Sedentarizing of Petra Bedouins, 24 August 2015
RES: Rôle des administrations locales dans la promotion et la protection des droits de l’homme, 07 August 2015
RES: “Local government and human rights,” A/HRC/30/49, 27 July 2015
RES: الحكومة المحلية في حماية وتعزيز حقوق الانسان، A/HRC/30/49, 27 July 2015
RES: Research-based report on the role of local government in the promotion and protection of human rights, A/HRC/30/49, 15 July 2015
RES: HIC Comments to the HRC-AC Local government and human rights draft report, 15 June 2015
RES: Plundering Istanbul’s “Lungs”, 25 May 2015
RES: Counting the Cost of Forced Eviction: Muthurwa Estates, 11 May 2015
RES: National Habitat III Reporting Processes: Locating the Right to the City and Civil Society Participation (full), 10 May 2015
RES: Habitat II Evaluation Criteria, 10 April 2015
RES: What’s Going on with Habitat III National Reports?, 18 March 2015
RES: عمليات الموئل الثالث الخاصة بإعداد التقارير الوطنية: تحديد وضع الحق في المدينة ودور المجتمع المدني, 12 March 2015
RES: Los Procesos de los Informes Nationales Hábitat III: Situación del Derecho a la Ciudad y el Papel de la Sociedad Civil, 12 March 2015
RES: Le Processus de Rapport Nationaux Habitat III: Situation du Droit à la Ville et le Rôle de la Société Civile, 12 March 2015
RES: National Habitat III Reporting Processes: Locating the Right to the City and Civil Society Participation, 12 March 2015
RES: 2004 Tsunami Remembered, 26 December 2014
RES: ETO Case Study: "Middle East Quarter Sanctions regime on the Gaza Strip, Palestine", 20 December 2014
RES: ETO Case Study 4T: "Veolia and Alstom transport corporations as subcontractors of illegal infrastructure project in occupied territory", 20 December 2014
RES: ETO Case Study 9B: "Military Destruction of the Jiyyah Power Plant during the July 2006 War on Lebanon", 20 December 2014
RES: ETO Case Study 5W: "State Institutions Operating Extraterritorially to Carry out Population Transfer and Colonization", 20 December 2014
RES: ETO Case Study 5X: "Morocco/EU Fisheries Agreement", 20 December 2014
RES: "البقعة النفطية على الشواطئ اللبنانية،" A/RES/69/212, 19 December 2014
RES: Eviction Impact Assessment in Chilla Khadar Village, 12 December 2014
RES: HIC response to HRC-AC Local government and human rights questionnaire, 15 November 2014
RES: The Right to the City: Cairo, 03 November 2014
RES: The Right to the City: Jerusalem, 26 October 2014
RES: Enquête par la RS sur les autorités locales, 25 October 2014
RES: Encuesta de la RS sobre las Autoridades Locales, 25 October 2014
RES: Preliminary research-based report on local government and human rights, 23 October 2014
RES: SR`s Survey: Housing and Local Authorities, 23 October 2014
RES: New Report from HLRN`s Violation Database, 06 October 2014
RES: Nouveau rapport de la Banque de Données des Violations (VDB), 06 October 2014
RES: Nuevo informe del Base de datos de violaciones, 06 October 2014
RES: تقرير جديد من قاعدة بيانات الانتهاكات, 06 October 2014
RES: Bearing Witness to Forced Evictions: Habitat II’s Broken Promise, Habitat III’s Missing Link, 06 October 2014
RES: Counting the Cost of Forced Eviction: Kenya, 14 August 2014
RES: الحكم المحلي وحقوق الإنسان، A/HRC/AC/13/L.4, 14 August 2014
RES: Presentación para el Examen Periódico Universal del Reino de España, 15 July 2014
RES: Use of the HLRN “Eviction Impact Assessment” Tool in a Post-disaster Situation: An assessment of the loss of property resulting from floods in Bainsiria Village, Bari Block, Jajpur District, Odisha, 14 July 2014
RES: Abu Ghalib Village Reparations, 16 March 2014
RES: Stakeholder Submission to Italy`s UPR, 15 March 2014
RES: Muslim Women`s Access to Land & Property, 08 March 2014
RES: Afghanistan: Returnees Still Face Eviction Risk, 11 February 2014
RES: "Guiding principles on security of tenure for the urban poor," A/HRC/25/54, 30 December 2013
RES: "Principes directeurs sur la sécurité d’occupation des populations urbaines pauvres," A/HRC/25/54, 30 December 2013
RES: "Principios rectores sobre la seguridad de la tenencia para los pobres de las zonas urbanas," A/HRC/25/54, 30 December 2013
RES: A/HRC/25/54 ،المبادئ التوجيهية المتعلقة بأمن الحيازة لفقراء الحضر, 30 December 2013
RES: New On-line Displacement Research Platform, 05 December 2013
RES: الغضب ضد خطة برافر, 02 December 2013
RES: Put a Number on It: Quantifying Costs, Losses and Damages from the Violation of Housing and Land Rights, 13 October 2013

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