National Union of Algerian Farmers Hold 8th Mtg.

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National Union of Algerian Farmers Hold 8th Mtg.
01 March 2014

ALGIERS—General Secretary of the National Union of Algerian Farmers (UNPA), Mohamed Alioui declared Saturday in Algiers that peace and security recovery benefited the farmers after President Bouteflika helped end terrorism.

Speaking during the works of the 8th Congress of UNPA, attended by Prime Minister, Abdelmalek Sellal, and members of government, Alioui said that terrorism, which came close to weakening Algeria, affected the farmers who fortunately have benefited from the recovery of peace and security after President Bouteflika helped end terrorism.

The program of president of the Republic is an integrated program that equally covers all realms, he added, noting that Algeria has regained, thanks to President Bouteflika, its rightful place in the world and represents now a well-positioned diplomatic hub on the international and regional plan.

That`s why the UNPA insisted on many occasions to call on President Bouteflika to run for another term, so to complete the work…, continued Alioui.

The 8th Congress of the UNPA began Saturday morning in Algiers with the participation of over 700 delegates.

On this occasion, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Abdelwahab Nouri, urged farmers to support the country as usual, learning from the sacrifices made by their ancestors to liberate it, recalling that President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika spared no effort to support the agriculture sector, given its importance in the national economy.

During this congress which continues until Monday, Mohamed Alioui was voted UNPA Secretary General for another term.

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