This current Issue 27 of Land Times /أحوال الأرضupdates readers with the latest terms and developments related to the housing and land rights and HIC-HLRN’s latest activities in the context of multiple crises from a human rights perspective. This LT also explores the convergence of sustainable development and human rights as it relates especially to public health, food sovereignty and climate change. Following on HIC-HLRN’s October 2022 World Habitat Day Violation Database report, this LT applies the lessons of how to identify climate events and their related housing and land rights loss, cost and damage as violations (i.e., in light of human rights obligations and norm-based remedies).

The 27th issue monitors and reports contributions to the UN’s often-too-divergent Human Rights and Sustainable Development Systems. Moreover, it offers the HIC-HLRN recommendations for human-centered climate justice in any loss-and-damage reparation process, as recently adopted at CoP27, and reviews civil society contribution of many rich examples of actions with cities, local and regional governments aimed at reducing remedying inequalities and pursuing human-centered climate justice.

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