HIC Reviews Habitat III Issue Papers

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HIC Reviews Habitat III Issue Papers
31 July 2015

Habitat International Coalition has just issued its compilation of inputs from Members and officers following their review of the Habitat III Issue Papers. The 22 thematic contributions from technical experts selected by the UN-Habitat/Habitat III Secretariat have been drafted as a framework for the debate leading up to the Third United Nations Conference on Urban Development (formerly Housing and Human Settlements), also known as Habitat III, in October 2016.


The HICompilation on the Issue Papers views them as “essential reading” for Habitat III stakeholders. Meanwhile, the commentaries point out many outstanding issues, information needed and methodological challenges remaining in the debate, as represented by the 22 Papers.


Consistent with HIC’s position pronounced at the World Urban Forum (Medellín, 2014), the Coalition calls for maintaining the integrity of Habitat II’s scope and commitments, pursuing a  New Habitat Agenda, not narrowing the global policy to only an “urban” agenda. HIC makes a strong case for the restoration of the human rights approach that was promised at Habitat II (1996), but never applied. While that global policy framework expires next year, this HIC review articulates the need for an evaluation of the Habitat II commitments as a prerequisite to any process toward a new agenda that is relevant, coherent and implemented.


This HICompliation is organized in the form of (1) an introductory overview, (2) an issue-specific review of each of the 22 Issue Papers and (3) a brief conclusion. HIC has shared this submission also with the Habitat III Secretariat and in the e-discussions of the Habitat III Urban Dialogues.


Download HIC Comments on Habitat III Issue Papers

• Access to natural resources
• Accompanying social processes
• Adverse possession
• Advocacy
• Agriculture
• Armed / ethnic conflict
• Children
• Climate change
• Commodification
• Commons
• Communication and dissemination
• Compensation
• Constitutional amendments
• Cultural Heritage
• Destruction of habitat
• Disability
• Disaster mitigation
• Discrimination
• Displaced
• Displacement
• Dispossession
• Education
• Elderly
• Energy
• Environment (Sustainable)
• ESC rights
• Farmers/Peasants
• Financialization
• Financing
• Food (rights, sovereignty, crisis)
• Forced evictions
• Gender Equality
• Gentrification
• Globalization, negative impacts
• Grassroots initiatives
• Habitat Conferences
• Health
• Historic heritage sites
• Housing cooperatives
• Housing crisis
• Housing rehabilitation / upgrading
• Housing rights
• Immigrants
• Indigenous peoples
• Informal settlements
• Infrastructure
• Inheritance rights
• Internal migrants
• International
• Land rights
• Landless
• Legal frameworks
• Livelihoods
• Local Governance
• Low income
• Megaprojects
• Neighborhood rehabilitation / upgrading
• Norms and standards
• Pastoralists
• People under occupation
• Post-disaster reconstruction
• Privatization
• Property rights
• Public / social housing
• Public policies
• Public programs and budgets
• Refugees
• Reparations / restitution of rights
• Research
• Right to the city
• Rural planning
• Security of tenure
• Social Function of Property
• Social Production of Habitat
• Solid waste
• Squatters
• Squatting / occupation
• Subsidies
• Technologies
• Tenants
• UN HR bodies
• Unemployed
• Urban planning
• Water&sanitation
• Women
• Youth

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