Orisunbare community call for mercy and reversal of the 10 days eviction notice served by LASG

The Orisunbare community of some 6,000 inhabitants in Lagos State, Nigeria has issued the following appeal to remove the threat of eviction.

The entire community of Orisunbare Areas, through Hon. Comrade Sulaimon Kamaldeen A. (OloreAyo), seeks compassion and the stoppage of the 10 days eviction circular pasted by Lagos State Taskforce on the mentioned community dated Friday, 19 November 2021.

The majority of the residents of the community are low-income earners (traders) who depend on daily income from their day-to-day businesses to cater for themselves and their families. Any dislocation resulting from lack of shelter will bring hardship to their day-to-day business activities resulting into further economic hardship, starvation and exposure to all sort of insecurity to them, their families and dependents.

The current economic situation of the country will make it absolutely difficult for the people of the community to restart their lives if the notice of demolition of the properties in Orisunibare community is allowed to be carried out. Thousands of people will now be put in a severe condition of looking for scarce capitals to rent new houses apart from many landlords who will suffer irreversible losses after investing all the sweat of their labours to build houses in the community.

The people who are going to be affected are already battling with plenty already, many cannot afford three standard meals a day, currently they struggle and manage to move on with lives on daily basis. The properties and homes of the people are not just at stake, but their dignity, shelter, health, businesses, the school their wards attend, and their general well-being are all on the line with the proposed demolition.

Kindly save the soul of the people of Orisunbare.

The entire community thank HRM Oba Abdul-fatai Ojora of Ojora land (Baba wa) for his swift response and support to bring a lasting resolution to this matter and bring much needed smiles on the faces of the people of Orisunbare Community Areas.

Baale Oni-malu, Mr. Ganiu Bankole, Balogun Oni-malu, Alhaji Idris Adeola Adebayo, and Iya-lode of Oni-malu Titilayo Oluomo Ghawat, was also appreciated for their tireless effort on the struggle of the people of Orisunbare Community areas.

The people of the community need more support and intervention to bring positive lasting resolution to the matter for the glory of the community and happiness of the people

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Photo: Local residents numbering the Gate of Heaven Church in Orisunbare as part of a #Orisunbare community-led mapping process. Source: Twitter.