UK: Over 200,000 Homes at Risk

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UK: Over 200,000 Homes at Risk
19 December 2013

1 in every 105 households in England is at risk of repossession or eviction, according to new statistics released by Shelter.

The research found hotspots up and down the country where the risk of losing your home is even higher. These include Nottingham and Luton, both with 1 in 60 homes at risk, Salford (where 1 in 61 homes are at risk), and Newcastle upon Tyne and Wolverhampton (both with 1 in 63 homes at risk).

The research also highlights the extent of the capital’s housing crisis, with London boroughs – where there is a serious lack of affordable housing – dominating the top twenty.

Shelter’s research found that the London borough of Newham has the highest risk of repossession or eviction in the country, with as many as 1 in every 35 homes are at risk.

The Shelter helpline is already taking over 470 calls each day, offering vital support and advice to homeless families and those still fighting to stay in their homes. With housing costs soaring, and welfare cuts continuing to take their toll, the charity is bracing itself for a record number of calls this Christmas.

New data released earlier this month showed that nearly 85,000 children in Britain face homelessness this Christmas morning. To make sure that Shelter can be there for everyone who needs them this Christmas, the charity has launched an emergency fundraising appeal to support its work helping homeless families.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: ‘It is heartbreaking to see that so many people in England face spending Christmas with the threat of losing their home hanging over them. Seeing that one home in every hundred is at risk of repossession is a frightening reminder that homelessness can happen to anyone.

‘We are urging anyone who can to donate to our Christmas appeal and make sure we can be there for every family facing homelessness, because no-one should be left to fight this battle on their own.’

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