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20th of May: The Symbolism of a Date
By :Luisa Teotónio Pereira, Estante P
21 May 2022
Today marks a significant milestone for East Timor and Western Sahara. As East Timor (a.k.a. Timor l`Este conducts its own presidential elections, the online edition of the portuguese daily newspaper Estante P has published an article written by a member of the Portugal-Western Sahara Friendship Association, Luisa Teotónio Pereira, that
Ukraine: New Master Plan for Kharkiv
06 May 2022
The war has already caused the destruction of infrastructure in many urban areas of Ukraine and will require enormous efforts by the government and international partners to reconstruct following the cessation of hostilities.     In April 2022, the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development developed draft recommendations for plans for rebuilding cities
Understanding Human Rights ETOs
15 January 2022
The new Routledge Handbook on Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations has just been published and it is available in open access here. This new handbook compiles lessons and analysis by world experts on the human rights obligations of states beyond their territorial borders. It is designed to give meaning and
India: Laws Rescinded, Farmers Win
By :Harish Damodaran, The Indian Express
20 November 2021
In burying farm laws, Govt may have held off demand for right to MSP Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s announcement on repealing the farm laws may have helped stave off the elephant in the room – making minimum support prices (MSP) a legal right.     “The farm laws are dead, long live the farm laws!”   This
Decriminalize Palestinian Human Rights CSOs!
10 November 2021
   Solidarity with Palestinian Human Rights Organizations facing Israel’s Criminalization Today, HIC`s Board adopted a statement in solidarity with the six Palestinian human rights organizsations, including HIC Members, that Israel`s Minister of Defense has deemed "terrorist organisations.  The full public statement follows here:   Habitat International Coalition (HIC) strongly condemns Israel`s Minister of
Nakba Day: HIC-HLRN Solidarity with Palestine
15 May 2021
The Housing and Land Rights Network of Habitat International Coalition stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people resisting institutionalize material discrimination and attempted erasure from their land and homes by the State of Israel. We hear their message: “No peace will prevail without justice.”   As we mark Nakba Day, the Israeli
UNSR Urges Israel Reverse Eviction Orders
11 May 2021
Israel/OPT: UN expert calls for reversal of Israel’s eviction order against 16 Palestinian families  GENEVA—A UN expert called today on Israel to reverse its eviction orders for Palestinian families living in Occupied East Jerusalem, calling them part of an alarming pattern to change the demography of the city.   Israeli courts have, over
Abahlali baseMjondolo Palestine Solidarity
By :Abahlali baseMjondolo press statement
24 April 2021
The Blood of the Palestinians is our Blood   Our struggle is rooted in the principle that the recognition of our full and equal humanity is non-negotiable. We also insist that this principle is applied to all people everywhere. There can be no group of people whose humanity is denied.   As everyone knows
India: Activist Arrested over Pro-farmer ‘Toolkit’
By :Sky News and Shruti Menon, BBC
19 February 2021
These two articles report the arrest of 22-year-old Indian climate activist Disha Ravi, who has been accused of sedition for allegedly authoring a pro-famers toolkit Global Farmers Strike - First Wave. The first article deals with her arrest, while the second provides the context of India’s Sedition Law and its
India: Farmers Protest at Red Fort
By :BBC News
26 January 2021
India protest: Farmers breach Delhi`s Red Fort in huge tractor rally   A rally against agriculture reforms in India turned violent on Tuesday, after protesting farmers broke through police barricades to storm Delhi`s historic Red Fort complex.     On foot and in tractors, the protesters were part of a huge rally planned for India`s
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Declarar una moratoria a desalojos en CDMX es una urgencia sanitaria

11 February 2021

Input to HIC-HLRN World Habitat Day Report 2020

25 September 2020

Recognizing Israel’s Practice of Apartheid and Reconstituting the UN Centre against Apartheid

16 September 2020

Palestine/ZA: Sharpeville 60 Years on, Apartheid Continues

22 March 2020

The Liberation of Palestine Represents an Alternative Path for Native Nations

06 September 2019

Budha Ismail Jam et al. v, IFC judgment

27 June 2017

Livret vert de la Convergence

19 March 2016

Application des décisions prises par la Conférence des Nations Unies sur les établissements humains (Habitat II) et renforcement du Programme des Nations Unies pour les établissements humains (ONU-Hab

17 November 2015

Nothing about Us, without Us, Is for Us!

26 October 2015

ETOs and Situations of Conflict, Occupation and War: Applying the Maastricht Principles

11 July 2013

Mexico City Charter for the Right to the City

01 July 2010

السكن في مصر بين العشوائية والتحضر الرث

22 May 2010

Namibia: amendments to draft resolution A/C.3/61/L.18/Rev.1 concerning Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

21 November 2006

In Quest of Bhabrekar Nagar

31 December 2001

إعلان القدس: مشروع ميثاق حركة حقوق السكن الفلسطينية

29 May 1995

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