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Protesting Germany-based Monster Landlord Vonovia
By: MieterAKTIONärIn
28 June 2020
Vonovia: Germany based landlord giant expands across Europe   For a couple of years the DAX-listed real estate trust Vonovia—a product of sell outs of social housing in Germany to financial investors—is also the largest  private landlord in Austria and Sweden, and has a stake in a French housing company. On 26 June,

Brazil: Prospectors Murder 2 Yanomamis over Land
By: Valéria Oiveira, G1 RR (globo.com)
26 June 2020
Prospectors murder young indigenous people while invading Yanomami Land in Roraima   Original Yanomami, 24, and Marcos Arokona, 20, died, according to the District Yanomami and Ye`kuana Indigenous Health Council (Condisi-Y). Conflict was in an area of closed forest in the region of the Parima River, in Alto Alegre.     BOA VISTA— A conflict

European Lawmakers Oppose Israeli Annexation
By: Noa Landau, Haaretz
23 June 2020
Lawmakers from 25 European States Sign Statement Opposing Israeli Annexation   More than 1,000 lawmakers signed statement expressing `serious concerns` about Trump administration peace plan, echoing EU chief`s stance that annexation `could not passed unchallenged`     More than 1,000 lawmakers from 25 European countries have signed onto a statement opposing any unilateral Israeli annexation

Syria: Eastern Ghouta Properties` Fate Unknown
By: Enab Baladi – Ninar Khalifa
23 June 2020
The people of the Eastern Ghouta seeking to establish their property ownership have been experiencing a “real estate chaos” that led to disputes and manipulation of rights, with the real-estate market lacking clear regulations and mechanisms governing the selling and buying property operations. This opened the door widely to property disputes

USA: Bison Returning to Indigenous Lands
By: Return to Now
19 June 2020
Bison Return to Lakota Reservation in South Dakota for First Time in 150 Years   Now that bison have repopulated national parks, the extra are being given back to Native Americans Around 400 bison will be transferred from a national wildlife refuge in Colorado to the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in South

HIC Statement to the High-level Political Forum 2020
08 June 2020
Today, Habitat International Coalition (HIC) and its Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN) subnitted a one-page statement to the UN High-Level Political Form (HLPF), which will convene at UN Headquarters on 7 to 16 July 2020, in order to review states` progress toward achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

USA: Racism “in housing, education, work & services”
By: Joseph Massad, Middle East Monitor
04 June 2020
The American Republic of White Supremacy   Protests over the police killing of George Floyd highlight centuries of social, political and economic oppression of blacks in the US.   Protests over the police killing of George Floyd highlight centuries of social, political and economic oppression of blacks in the US   The United States is

Call for TNCs to Quit Saudi Neom Project
By: Various international civil society organizations
02 June 2020
American consulting firm must withdraw support from human rights-violating megaproject in Saudi Arabia     The Boston Consulting Group’s unlawful involvement in Saudi Arabia’s NEOM megaproject was the subject of an open letter endorsed by twelve human rights organizations, including the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS), sent to the Group on

Finland: Demand to Stop Mining Saami Land
By: Sámiráđđi/ Saamelaisneuvostoon/ Samerådet/Союз Саамов/Saami Council
02 June 2020
Finland violates the rights of the Sámi people by allowing mining companies in Sámi homeland     The Saami Council echoes the concerns of the Ergon Sámi siida in the North Western Enontekiö area and other Sámi communities regarding the news of a Dutch-owned mineral exploration company Akkerman Finland Oy attempting to enter

Colombia Evicts Poor during Virus Outbreak
By: Steven Grattan, The Washington Post
01 June 2020
Officials in Colombia evicting poor families during coronavirus outbreak   BOGOTÁ—Lucía Cupitra stood on a patch of turned earth in one of the city`s poorest neighborhoods and spoke of the day last month the government came.   Cupitra, 33, a single mother of five from the Pijao indigenous people, had fled her small town

What Happens When the Eviction Bans End?
By: Kriston Capps, City Lab
29 May 2020
What Happens When the Eviction Bans End?   States are reopening courts to eviction hearings even as coronavirus-driven job losses continue, setting the stage for “a housing crisis of unparalleled magnitude.”     Last week, a crowd of about 30 people lined up in a single-file, socially distanced line outside the district court in Petersburg,

Call for Inputs: Food and Protracted Crises
By: Civil Society and Indigenous People`s Mechanism of the UN Committee on World Food Security
27 May 2020
The UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) endorsed the Framework for Action for Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises (FFA) in October 2015 after a three-year preparation and negotiation process with CFS actors. Civil society actors, via the Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism (CSM) for relations with

USA: A Coming ‘Avalanche of Evictions’
By: Sarah Mervosh, The New York Times
27 May 2020
An ‘Avalanche of Evictions’ Could Be Bearing Down on America’s Renters [i.e., in USA]   The economic downturn is shaping up to be particularly devastating for renters, who are more likely to be lower-income and work hourly jobs cut during the pandemic.     EUCLID, Ohio — The United States, already wrestling with an economic

Kenya: Ruai Evictions, Why Now?
By: Ruai News
21 May 2020
Ruai Evictions : Is This Why Government Had To Do It Before September?       Renowned political commentator Allan Kibet has come out to claim that President Uhuru Kenyatta forcefully evicted the residents of Ruai and Kariobangi from the ` public` land so as to commence the construction of Nairobi Metropolitan Services Improvement

Kashmir: Security Forces Burn, Loot Homes
By: Anees Zargar, NewsClick
20 May 2020
 Over Dozen Homes Burned, More Looted During Nawakadal Encounter, Allege Residents     The residents of the area alleged that the police looted cash, jewellery and other valuables from several homes in the dense locality of Kanimazar as they carried out the operation in the wee hours of May 19 to eliminate militants

Mozambique: Restored Village Land Flourishes
By: Friends of the Earth International
20 May 2020
Mozambique Village Adopts Collective, Organic Farming after Land Rights Win   In a quiet region in southern Mozambique, one community’s fight to reclaim their stolen land has led to a more communal way of life, and an approach to farming that embodies agroecology, working in harmony with nature and peoples’ rights.     Peasants from across

Kenya Evicts 7000 Amid Pandemic
By: Mohammed Yusuf, voa news
19 May 2020
NAIROBI - Kenyan authorities have forcibly evicted more than 7,000 people from land in Nairobi slums over the last month, defying a court order. Authorities say they demolished homes because they were built on public land, but critics say mass evictions during a pandemic are inhumane and could further spread

USA: The Coming Eviction Crisis
By: Megh Wright, New York magazine
18 May 2020
Patriot Act Returns to Terrify You About an Eviction Crisis     Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix series, Patriot Act, returned last night with its first new episode since the pandemic began, and Minhaj wasted no time addressing the show’s new remote format: “Don’t think of this as a Netflix show compromising. Think of this as a YouTube video overachieving.”

Kenya: Over 100 Families Evicted in Ruai
By: Ian Omondi, Citizen Digital
16 May 2020
Over 100 families living in a disputed land in Ruai, Nairobi, were on Friday forced to spend the night in the cold after their houses were demolished. Speaking to Citizen Digital, some of the affected families said bulldozers arrived in the area around 9pm and they were ordered out of their

Record Number of Land Conflicts in Brazil in 2019
By: Real World Radio
14 May 2020
There were five conflicts per day, representing a 23% increase from 2018, and 32 defenders murdered during the year. Throughout 2019, the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) recorded 1833 conflicts in the countryside (averaging five per day), 23% more than in 2018. This is the highest number on CPT records in the

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