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Land Grabs by Global Agro-industrial Firms
By: Tawanda Karombo, NCR online
11 August 2022
HARARE, ZIMBABWE — For all his adult life, Joseph Amoh Ayisi cultivated cassava, cocoa and plantains in the Subensu area of Kwahu district in Ghana`s Eastern Region. The crops he grew are crucial for his survival and that of his community. Cassava is a major staple in West Africa; cocoa is

Portugal: Youth Climate Change Case v. EU States
By: Sandra Laville, The Guardian
11 August 2022
‘It’s a human rights issue’: young adults take Portugal climate crisis to court Cláudia Agostinho, her siblings and cousins will have case heard at European court of human rights   Cláudia Agostinho has been going to Pedrogão Beach since she was a child. Back then it was a stretch of silver white sand

Gaza: Loss of Life and Property
By: The Global Frontier, Muhammad Majid / Anatolia
07 August 2022
By 20:30 GMT Sunday evening, the ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip, between Israel and the “Islamic Jihad” movement under Egyptian sponsorship, entered into force. The escalation, which lasted for 3 days, resulted in loss of life, property, homes and agricultural lands in the Strip. Over the course of the three days,

Iran Demolishes Baha`i Homes, Farms
By: Maryam Sinaee, Iranintl.com
02 August 2022
Security forces laid siege to a village in northern Iran Tuesday and started demolishing houses and farms belonging to members of the persecuted Baha’i faith. Simin Fahandej, a spokeswoman for the Baha’i International Community, told Iran International Tuesday that over 200 security forces were deployed to block the roads leading to

Environment Now a Universal Human Right
By: UN Press
30 July 2022
With 161 Votes in Favour, 8 Abstentions, General Assembly Adopts Landmark Resolution Recognizing Clean, Healthy, Sustainable Environment as Human Right With 161 votes in favour and 8 abstentions, the General Assembly adopted a landmark resolution today recognizing the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment as a human right and

Thousands under Eviction in West Bank
By: Amnesty International
19 July 2022
Israel/OPT: Immediately halt forced eviction of more than 1,000 West Bank residents and stop demolitions of Bedouin homes in the Negev/Naqab The Israeli authorities must immediately halt the forcible eviction of more than 1,000 residents from Masafer Yatta, a Palestinian community in the occupied West Bank, Amnesty International said today, following

Illegal Land Confiscations in Uzbekistan
By: uzbekforum.org
17 July 2022
The modernization of agriculture in Uzbekistan, for which Uzbekistan has received millions of dollars in investment by multilateral development banks, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the World Bank, has been accompanied by massive confiscations of farmland across the country. In January 2019, the Uzbek authorities announced the

Uganda: 400 HHs Face Forced Eviction in Hoima
By: The Independent
10 July 2022
More than 400 residents in Hoima are on the verge of being forcefully evicted from their ancestral land. The affected residents are from the village of Ngobye in Buraru parish, Buraru sub county.  They are feuding with Neko Isingoma, a prominent businessman in Hoima town over a piece of land measuring

"HR, Environmental Law Must Govern Business"
By: David Boyd, OHCHR
04 July 2022
Human rights and environmental due diligence laws crucial to combat irresponsible business activities – UN expert   Press release   GENEVA—Rampant deforestation, chemical and plastic production, fossil fuel exploitation and other large-scale extractive activities by business entities are harming people and the planet, a UN expert said today, introducing a blueprint for laws to

Apply now! ISMUN Human Rights Summer School
18 June 2022
Invitation to Apply for Participation We have the pleasure to announce the next session of ISMUN Summer School on Human Rights and Development which will be held in Geneva from 11 to 15 July, 2022. It is organised by the International Youth and Student Movement for the United Nations (ISMUN), an NGO

Tanzanian Violence against Forcibly Evicted Maasai
15 June 2022
GENEVA (15 June 2022) – UN human rights experts* have expressed grave concerns about continuous encroachment on traditional Maasai lands and housing, accompanied by a lack of transparency in, and consultation with the Maasai Indigenous Peoples, during decision making and planning. This trend most recently culminated in security forces’ violence

Sharm el-Sheikh to Become ‘Green City’ for CoP27
By: Azza Guergues, al-Monitor
15 June 2022
Sharm el-Sheikh gets $7 million to become green city for COP27 The Egyptian government, the UN Development Programme and the Global Environment Facility are aiming to transform Sharm el-Sheikh into a green city in the lead-up to the international climate conference in November.   CAIRO — Sharm el-Sheikh, a resort city on the

Anti-Muslim India Gov’t. Razes Homes
13 June 2022
Houses of Muslims demolished in Uttar Pradesh after protests Authorities in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) have demolished the houses of some Muslims who were allegedly linked to religious protests that turned violent.   The protests were sparked by derogatory remarks made by two former leaders of the governing Bharatiya Janata Party

India Copies Israeli Home-razing Tactics
By: Omar Ahmed, Middle East Montior
13 June 2022
Demolishing Muslim protestors` homes: India is taking a leaf out of Israel`s book      Over the weekend Indian authorities bulldozed several homes belonging to Muslims in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). The homeowners were alleged to have taken part in organised protests on Friday in response to inflammatory remarks about the Prophet

US Nonprofits Drive Illegal Israeli Settlements
By: Elena Hodges, Just Security
10 June 2022
Hidden In Plain Sight: US Nonprofits As Drivers of Illegal Israeli Settlements What U.S. tax law can and should do about it Concerns about the mass expulsion of Palestinians by Israeli authorities are on the rise following a recent High Court of Justice decision ratifying the forced displacement of around 1,200 Palestinian

US Nonprofits Drive Illegal Israeli Colonies
By: Elena Hodges, Just Security
10 June 2022
Hidden In Plain Sight: US Nonprofits as Drivers of Illegal Israeli Settlements What U.S. tax law can and should do about it   Concerns about the mass expulsion of Palestinians by Israeli authorities are on the rise following a recent High Court of Justice decision ratifying the forced displacement of around 1,200 Palestinian

WUF11: Brainstorm on UN-Habitat Engagement
08 June 2022
The Housing and Land Rights Network of Habitat International Coalition (HIC) is hosting a Networking Event at WUF11 dedicated to dialogue and brainstorming on UN-Habitat stakeholder engagement and the prospective self-organized Stakeholder Engagement Mechanism.   If your organization will be at WUF11, we would like to cordially invite you to this event

1st Report of CoI on Palestine/Israel
07 June 2022
Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel, issues first reportReport: ending the continued Israeli occupation and discrimination against Palestinians is essential to stopping the conflict and halting the persistent cycle of violence, while a ‘culture of impunity’ feeds resentment and fuels recurrent tensions, instability,

Brazil: Heavy Rain and Landslides Leave 44 Dead
By: Deutsche Welle
29 May 2022
Researchers say heavy rains and flooding in Brazil are exacerbated by climate change   The catastrophic weather has forced dozens to flee their homes in Brazil`s northeastern Pernambuco state. A red alert has been issued in the city of Recife for Sunday as well.      Heavy rains in Brazil`s northeastern Pernambuco state have left at least

Letter to UN:`Sustainable Development Delusions`
By: Initiative for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS), www.scholarswarning.net
23 May 2022
People will suffer more if professionals delude themselves about sustainable development – Letter to UN   At the start of a United Nations summit on reducing the risks and impacts of disasters around the world and on the eve of the Stockholm+50 Conference, 100 scholars from 17 countries are stating publicly that

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