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World Bank Accountability @ Spring Meetings
By: Oakland Institute
12 April 2016
World Bank Accountability on Forced Resettlements Must be a Priority at Its Spring Meetings                                                                                                             Oakland, CA—World Bank accountability on forced resettlements resulting from its programs must be front and center at its spring meetings, taking place this week in Washington DC.   Between 2004 and 2013, nearly 3.4 million people were physically or economically

U.S. Congress to World Bank: End Water PPPs
12 April 2016
Congresswoman wants to halt and investigate World Bank’s private water investments   The practice of the World Bank both advising countries on water and investing in private water companies presents a concerning conflict of interest, said Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Wisc., in a letter addressed to World Bank head Jim Kim. In it,

Palestinians Slam EU Duplicity over Colonies
By: Dalia Hatuqa, Al Jazeera
10 April 2016
Observers cite disconnect between European actions and rhetoric on labelling Israeli settlement products.   Ramallah—At a conference in Jerusalem last month, hundreds of Israelis and their supporters gathered under one roof, with an explicit aim to combat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, a Palestinian-led human rights campaign.   The panelists, including the

Panama: Ngäbe Communities Facing Evictions
By: Jennifer Kennedy, International Solidarity
08 April 2016
The Barro Blanco Dam will have a disastrous effect on Ngäbe communities inside the Comarca Ngäbe-Bugle and campesino communities also living on the banks of the river. Ngäbe communities in western Panama are calling for support from the international community after officials from the Honduran-owned energy company, GENISA, warn that they

Climate Change Erasing $2.5tn Global Assets
By: Reuters
04 April 2016
In the worst case scenario $24 trillion worth of global financial assets might be damaged, a new study says.   Trillions of dollars of non-bank financial assets around the world are vulnerable to the effects of global warming, according to a study that says tougher action to curb greenhouse gas emissions makes

Israeli Plunder of Palestinian Homes “Concerns” U.S.
By: David Alexander, Reuters
02 April 2016
Crackdown on what Israel claims is illegal construction has already pitied Jerusalem against the EU, who funds some of the structures.   JERUSALEM—The United States is "concerned" about Israel`s demolition of Arab buildings in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, a State Department spokeswoman said on Friday, adding that it raised questions

Syria: Iranians Buying Up Land in War-Torn
By: Sirwan Kajjo, Mario Ritter, Voice of America
27 March 2016
Iran’s government wants its builders to buy up property in Shi-ite majority neighborhoods of Syria’s capital, Damascus. It is also asking construction workers to go to Syria. This information comes from construction industry officials in Tehran and Iranian experts. Iranian analyst Fariborz Saremi said owning real estate gives Iran more control over Syria

Struggle in the City for Tibetan Nomads
By: Benjamin Haas, AFP
23 March 2016
ABA (OCCUPIED TIBET)—By mid-morning, Lobsang’s leather cowboy hat is askew, his black robes dishevelled, and his breath stinks of booze. Once a nomad herder roaming the high Tibetan plateau, instead he stumbles around his sparse new concrete house.   For decades he and his wife grazed yaks and sheep, living a life

Egypt’s Dirty Wheat Problem
By: Eric Knecht, Reuters
15 March 2016
President Sisi made ending corruption, including graft in the wheat industry, one of his priorities. But officials, traders and bakers say reforms have gone wrong   CAIRO—When Egyptian lawyer Ahmed Gad stepped out of a cafe on the outskirts of Cairo to take a call last October, a gunman on the back

Post trauma reconstruction: from Syria to Nepal
By: Kai Weise, The Himalayan Times
12 March 2016
Rehabilitation after a natural disaster consists of motivating the community to overcome destruction and reestablish their cultural environment and activities. A colloquium was recently held at the ICOMOS Secretariat in Paris on post trauma reconstruction. The focus was on dealing with the heritage that is being destroyed due to armed conflicts

USA: The Eviction Economy
By: Matthew Desmond, The New York Times
05 March 2016
I first met Larraine when we both lived in a trailer park on the far South Side of Milwaukee. Fifty-four, with silvering brown hair, Larraine loved mystery novels, “So You Think You Can Dance” and doting on her grandson. Even though she lived in a mobile home park with so

UN Report: Homelessness Spreading and Impunity
03 March 2016
GENEVA (3 March 2016) – Homelessness is a fact of life in all countries of the world, regardless of the level of development of their economic or governance systems, and it has been spreading with impunity, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to housing, Leilani Farha, warned today

Paris: Voice of the Suburbs
By: Widad, Al Jazeera English
01 March 2016


Irish Election Day: Families Face Eviction
By: Caelainn Hogan, Al Jazeera
26 February 2016
As talk revolves around an Irish economic recovery, the growing number of homeless families say they see no sign of it.     DUBLIN—As the Irish go to the polls, the face of Ireland`s prime minister smiles down upon them from a poster at Mountjoy Street, a beaten row of Georgian redbrick and

African New Habitat Agenda Priorities
By: Ahmed Mansour Ismail and Dr. Daniel W. Ambaye
23 February 2016
HABITAT III Africa Regional Meeting “African Priorities for the New Urban Agenda” Land and African Sustainable Urbanization, side event organized by GLTN Abuja, Nigeria, 23 February 2016 Summary prepared by Ahmed Mansour Ismail (HIC-HLRN) and Dr. Daniel W. Ambaye (Institute of Land Administration)   Mr Ernest Aubee, ECOWAS (as moderator) introduced the panelists and further emphasized

Kochs Funding Bundy Land-seizure Agenda
By: Jenny Rowland and Matt Lee-Ashley, ThinkProgress
13 February 2016
The ultra-conservative billionaire Koch brothers are now funding the Bundy land-seizure agenda   The political network of the conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch signalled last week that it is expanding its financial and organizational support for a coalition of anti-government activists and militants who are working to seize and sell America’s

A Last Chance for the World`s Forests?
By: Bill Laurance, CounterPunch
13 February 2016
An alarming new study has shown that the world’s forests are not only disappearing rapidly, but that areas of “core forest”—remote interior areas critical for disturbance-sensitive wildlife and ecological processes—are vanishing even faster.   Core forests are disappearing because a tsunami of new roads, dams, power lines, pipelines and other infrastructure is

Greek Farmers Resist Austerity Impoverishment
By: Associated Press
12 February 2016
Farmers descend on Greek capital for protest against planned tax rises and pension reforms   Athens—Farmers wielding shepherds’ staffs have clashed with riot police in central Athens as thousands headed to the Greek capital for a two-day protest against the government’s plans to impose tax rises and pension system reforms.   About 800 farmers

Migration Meets Hamburg: Right to the City
By: Plenums des Hamburger Recht auf Stadt-Netzwerks
09 February 2016
As in many others cities of Europe, refugees meet both welcome and opposition. One such opposition militates against providing humane and decent housing for refugees in Hamburg. Local reports tell how the anti-refugee trend is voiced louder and louder every week, even in the middle class. A new alliance of

Moscow: Massive, Overnight Demolition
By: The Moscow Times
09 February 2016
Moscow sees large-scale overnight kiosk demolition   MOSCOW—Large-scale demolition of kiosks and small shopping centers began in Moscow on Monday night, the RIA Novosti news agency reported Tuesday.   As of Tuesday morning, 55 percent of the properties subject to removal had been completely removed, Sergei Shogurov, head of the capital`s real estate inspectorate,

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