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Ireland: Protest against Water Privatization
By: Sarah Lazare, staff writer, Common Dreams.org
10 December 2014
Mass march demands abolition of water fees, which are part of broader austerity push. "We can`t pay! We won`t pay!" was the call of tens of thousands who took to the streets of Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday to protest a controversial water fee—the latest in a series of unpopular austerity measures

Rise of Poland`s Urban Movement
By: Igor Stokfiszewski, Al Jazeera
09 December 2014
Poland`s recent local elections went according to the usual script: The ruling coalition of the Civic Platform and Polish People`s Party retained their control over major cities. But there was one political surprise in the final results. The urban movement, which ran for the first time in elections as a

US Congress Loots Indigenous Apache Lands
By: Gale Courey Toensing, Indian Country; Michael McAuliff, The Huffington Post
08 December 2014
    San Carlos Apache Leader Seeks Senate Defeat of Copper Mine on Sacred Land               Gale Courey Toensing, Indian Country               08 December 2014 The leader of the San Carlos Apache Tribe is asking the Senate not to vote on the annual National Defense Authorization Act until a provision that would allow a massive copper mining

Mexican Right-to-water Ruling
08 December 2014
On Wednesday, 26 November, the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico issued its judgment in Lidia Velazquez Reynoso (Case No.  49/2014), determining that the constitutional and international obligations for the human right to water requires that each person receive “sufficient” water: 50–100 liters per person per day.   The decision followed

Local Authorities in Solidarity with Palestine
08 December 2014
HIC-HLRN joined representatives of ECCP, US Campaign to End Israel’s Occupation, BDS Brasil, PLAN (Palestine Legal Action Network), Russell Tribunal on Palestine, Perdana Global Peace Foundation, Cités Unies France and local governments, as well as other civil society organizations, gathered in Seville on 2–3 December 2014 in the International Conference

Land Forum 2014 Report
07 December 2014
HIC-HLRN organized its fifth annual Land Forum in Tunis from 5 to 7 December 2014 under the theme “Taking It to the Next Level: Relating Local Issues to Global Processes.” The program focused on civil society participation in ongoing processes in international forums that promise to set new norms and

French Homeless Forced to Wear “Yellow Triangles”
By: The Local
03 December 2014
Authorities in France’s second-largest city have come under fire for issuing its homeless with ID cards that detail their health issues.   Human rights groups and government ministers have slammed the “yellow triangle cards,” comparing them to the Nazi-era Star of David that was sewn onto Jewish people’s clothes during the Holocaust.   “This

Over 400,000 have Fled after Boko Haram Attacks
By: IRIN News
28 November 2014
DAKAR, 28 novembre 2014 (IRIN) - More than 400,000 people in northeastern Nigeria, who have been forced to flee their homes due to ongoing violence by militant Islamist group Boko Haram, are in "urgent need" of assistance, humanitarian agencies say. This number is likely to increase as attacks against civilians

Colombia: Land-restitution Efforts Fail Displaced Millions
By: Kayleen Devlin, Vice News
27 November 2014
Killings, threats of violence, and flawed legislation are preventing millions of Colombians from reclaiming stolen land, a report has found — further imperiling the fragile peace process aimed at ending the world`s longest running civil conflict. In 2011, the country`s government implemented the Victims and Land Restitution Law, hailed as a

Africa’s Great ‘Water Grab’
By: Water grabbing.net
24 November 2014
The banks of the Niger river, in southern Mali, have been flooded by a steady stream of foreigners. Coveted by foreign investors eager to snap up large tracts of fertile farmland, the river basin has been at the centre of a race to get hold of African land at rock-bottom

Tanzania Maasai Prefer Death to Eviction
By: Tolu Ogunlesi, Al Jazeera
23 November 2014
It`s a familiar story, starring African land and outsized corporate appetites. It begins in 1992, when the Tanzanian government licensed Ortelo Business Corporation (OBC)—owned by a senior official of the United Arab Emirates government—to organise hunting expeditions in Loliondo, a 4,000sq km stretch of land on the edge of the

Boston (USA): Scholars Call Homeless Emergency
22 November 2014
Statement of MIT/RLS Global Convergence on Evictions and Displacement Conference Participants to State and City Leaders Regarding the Long Island Shelter Crisis   We, the undersigned, practitioners and researchers in the fields of housing and land rights and human settlements, gathered this weekend at MIT for a Global Conference on Strategies Against

Israel Resumes Punitive House Demolitions
By: Al Jazeera
20 November 2014
Contentious punitive tactic resumed with razing of building housing family of Palestinian man blamed for October attack.   Israel has demolished the home of a Palestinian in occupied East Jerusalem who it says carried out a deadly October attack, just hours after Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel`s prime minister, warned of strict security

Saudi Arabia Bulldozes Its Heritage
By: Carla Power, Time
14 November 2014
For centuries, the Kaaba, the black cube in the center of Mecca, Saudi Arabia that is Islam`s holiest point, has been encircled by arched porticos erected some three centuries ago by the Ottomans, above dozens of carved marble columns dating back to the 8th Century. But earlier this month, any

Cleveland`s Plan to Destroy nearly 6,000 Homes
By: Les Christie, WMUR9.com
13 November 2014
City is turning empty lots into parks, greenhouses, vineyards NEW YORK (CNNMoney) —In and around Cleveland, nearly 6,000 foreclosed and abandoned homes are being destroyed in an effort to save neighborhoods from blight, crime and sinking home prices. Instead of trying to rebuild on these properties, however, the city has been

Boston Finally Acts on Stranded Homeless
By: David Abel, Boston Globe
12 November 2014
On a city lot beside the Southeast Expressway, somewhere between massive piles of rock salt and rows of garbage trucks, city officials have found a site to house hundreds of homeless people who have lived in limbo since engineers last month condemned the bridge to their shelter on Long Island.   The

Two Words Scare the World Bank
By: Philip Alston
07 November 2014
World Bank President Jim Yong Kim spoke eloquently last month about the bank’s new commitment to end extreme poverty by 2030 and improve the plight of the poorest 40 percent in developing countries. In a speech at Howard University, he called for gender equity and access for the poor to food,

India: Environment, Land-use Laws Threaten Human Rights
By: AI-India
05 November 2014
Recent changes made and proposed to India’s environment and land acquisition policies strike at the right of communities to be consulted on decisions affecting them, Amnesty International India said today.   India’s Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) has in recent months weakened requirements for public consultation with communities affected

The Right to the City: Cairo
By: Joseph Schechla
03 November 2014
Egypt’s capital city, Cairo, embodies one of the longest and most-dramatic transformations of any large urban center. Its current “transition,” following the 2011 popular uprising against a long-standing kleptocracy, suggests a well-developed and organized civil society and social movements that would drive democratic change. Urban social movements claiming the right

Canada Accused of Failing to Prevent Overseas Mining Abuses
By: Carey L. Biron, IPS
31 October 2014
WASHINGTON—The Canadian government is failing either to investigate or to hold the country’s massive extractives sector accountable for rights abuses committed in Latin American countries, according to petitioners who testified here Tuesday before an international tribunal.   The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) also heard concerns that the Canadian government is

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