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Brazil: PepsiCo, No More Tolerance for Land Grab
By: Oxfam
18 March 2014
When enough of us speak out, companies listen. Today PepsiCo proved this. After nearly 6 months of campaigning, the world’s second largest food and drink company agreed to a zero tolerance policy on land grabs and for its bottlers to do the same. Consumer power “Consumer power just got a little bit stronger,”

Muslim Women`s Access to Land & Property
08 March 2014
With an estimated 2% of the land registered in the name of women globally, access to land for `the better half` of the world remains a challenge. Change requires shifting the mind set of women, men, communities, policy and law makers, land administrators, planners, researchers, civil society groups, traditional and

Cyprus Votes to Sell off Assets
By: Al Jazeera
04 March 2014
The Cypriot parliament has approved a roadmap for privatisations, averting a showdown with international lenders insisting on state sell-offs as part of a $13.77bn bailout package.   In a show of hands on Tuesday, 30 politicians in the 56-member parliament endorsed a guideline for asset sales, a day before a deadline for

National Union of Algerian Farmers Hold 8th Mtg.
01 March 2014
ALGIERS—General Secretary of the National Union of Algerian Farmers (UNPA), Mohamed Alioui declared Saturday in Algiers that "peace and security recovery benefited the farmers after President Bouteflika helped end terrorism."   Speaking during the works of the 8th Congress of UNPA, attended by Prime Minister, Abdelmalek Sellal, and members of government, Alioui

Nigeria: World Bank `Dragging its Feet` on Resettlement Package
By: Amnesty International
21 February 2014
A year after bulldozers razed the homes of 9,000 people in a community meant to benefit from a World Bank funded project in Lagos, the state government and the World Bank are failing miserably to live up to their promise to adequately compensate and resettle them, Amnesty International said. “Hundreds of

Japan: Shadow of Olympics Evictions Looms Over Tokyo
By: Keiko Tanaka, translated by Isamu Yoneda, Global voice
18 February 2014
While many people in Japan are happy with the country`s results of the Sochi Winter Olympics – notably, Ayumu Hirano, the youngest medal winner on the snowboard half pipe and Yuzuru Hanyu, Japan`s first Olympic gold in men`s figure skating, just to name a few – there are some who

Afghanistan: Returnees Still Face Eviction Risk
By: Still at Risk: Security of tenure and the forced eviction of IDPs and refugee returnees in urban Afghanistan
11 February 2014
The International Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC) has issued a new report reviewing cases of actual and threatened evictions of IDPs and refugee returnees from informal settlements in and around all the major Afghan cities where the Norwegian Refugee Council has an established field presence. Its main message is the urgent

Kenya: Deeply Concerned about Attacks on Ogiek Activists
By: Minority Rights Group
03 February 2014
Minority Rights Group International (MRG) condemns the recent attack on a key Ogiek activist Adam Cheruiyot (not his real name) and his family after he resisted eviction from his land. He has also been threatened by local police. Cheruiyot (not his real name) was involved in a land disagreement with a

India: Coca-Cola Eviction from `Land-Grab` Site
By: Oliver Tickell, The ecologist
29 January 2014
The action to evict Coca-Cola comes as the result of an order (in Hindi) passed by the Tehsildar, the local revenue officer, in December 2013 after a official investigation carried out at the insistence of local villagers. The company was also fined Rs.124,590, about US$2,000. The order issued by the Tehsildar also

Uganda: 20 Families Threatened with Eviction
By: Martins E. Ssekweyama, Daily Monitor
29 January 2014
Tension is rising among residents of Kikongolo village, Kalungu District as more than 20 families are threatened with eviction from the land on which they have lived for decades. One of the people who face eviction, Mr Ereneo Muyimba, said since December last year, the residents and a local church have

China: Documentary on Forced Evictions Deleted by Security
By: Xin Lin, Radio Free Asia
28 January 2014
Authorities in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu have deleted a hard-hitting online documentary about the harsh realities of forced eviction, filmed and produced by a group of evictees whose complaints through official channels led nowhere. The documentary, titled "Let the Images Fly," a reference to the title of a well-known

China: Eviction Protests in China Soar
By: Radio Free Asia
14 January 2014
China has seen a massive rise in recent months in complaints from people evicted from their homes by corrupt local officials. As RFA`s Mandarain service reports, the evictions are prompting mass demonstrations by petitioners in the country`s capital. In a growing official recognition of the scale of social unrest now sweeping

USA: Court Upholds BP Oil-spill Settlement
By: AP/Al Jazeera
10 January 2014
Over BP`s objections, a federal appeals court Friday upheld a judge`s approval of the company`s multibillion-dollar settlement with businesses and residents who claim the massive 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico cost them money.   BP has argued that U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier and court-appointed claims administrator Patrick Juneau

Kenya: Indigenous Communities Evicted by Force
By: Press release,Forest Peoples Programme
09 January 2014
Imminent forced eviction by Kenya threatens indigenous communities` human rights and ancestral forests The Kenyan government has sent police troops to Embobut forest area (in Elgeyo Marakwet County, Western Kenya) to forcefully evict thousands of the indigenous inhabitants of the Sengwer and Cherangany communities from their ancestral forestlands. The eviction is

Brazil: Several Brazilian will be Evicted for World Cup
By: Zoe Sullivan, Al-jazeera.com
08 January 2014
Ousted homeowners say they are being treated unfairly, inadequately compensated for giving up their homes. RECIFE, Brazil — At dusk, just a few days before Christmas, Veronica Maria da Silva, her husband and her brother-in-law were taking the last valuables they could out of their homes in their neighborhood of São

Senegal`s Shady Farmland Deal
By: Stefano Liberti, Al Jazeera
23 December 2013
NDIAEL, Senegal—A large-scale agriculture project run by an Italian company has sparked protests in northern Senegal with local livestock owners threatening to march their cattle to the capital to get the deal cancelled.   The company Senhuile, owned 51 percent by Italian Tampieri Financial Group and 49 percent by Senegalese Senethanol SA,

UK: Over 200,000 Homes at Risk
By: shelter.org.uk
19 December 2013
1 in every 105 households in England is at risk of repossession or eviction, according to new statistics released by Shelter. The research found hotspots up and down the country where the risk of losing your home is even higher. These include Nottingham and Luton, both with 1 in 60 homes

Israel-Romania Row over oPt Colonies
By: AlJazeera
11 December 2013
A diplomatic spat has erupted between Israel and Romania after Bucharest reportedly refused to allow Romanian construction workers to be employed in settlements being built in the occupied West Bank.   The row, reported by Israel`s military radio on Tuesday, comes in the wake of tensions between Israel and the European Union

WTO Conceding to Vital Food Subsidies?
06 December 2013
BALI, Indonesia—A possible World Trade Organization deal is moving closer to approval after one of the biggest holdups on food subsidies was set aside following hours of global negotiations that went late into the night. Trade ministers came to the summit on Indonesia`s Bali island with little hope that a slimmed-down

UN Expert: Food Security Must Trump Trade Rules
By: Africanseer.com
05 December 2013
A United Nations independent rights expert called today for policy changes that will allow developing countries the freedom to use their reserves to help secure the right to food without the threat of sanctions under current World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. "Trade rules must be shaped around the food security policies

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