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Iraq: Kurds Resist U.S. Oil Co. Land Confiscation
By: Christian Peacemaker Team
20 August 2013
[Note: For security reasons, the team is withholding names of the villages and the oil company for the time being.  More details will follow in the coming weeks.] A couple weeks ago, our team learned of the Kurdish villagers about three hours away from Suleimaniya protesting against a U.S.-based oil company

USA: Govt. Aids Big Oil Land Grab
By: Real Farmacy.com
20 August 2013
In the quest for profits, nothing stands in the way of corporatocracy, not even your own private land. Federal and state governments have revised laws so that corporations can now use “eminent domain” to install hydraulic fracturing (fracking) infrastructure on private property, with or without landowner consent. Bob Swartz was informed

India: 40 Houses in Slum Demolished
By: Express News Service
19 August 2013
Acting on the High Court order, the Revenue Department officials demolished 40 houses and tin sheds at Ganapathi Nagar slum in Gottigere on Tuesday.   Speaking to Express, a member of the Special Task Force, Revenue Department,  said, “In 2007, the state government auctioned 8 acres and 36 guntas in Bangalore South.

Colombia: Farmers is Killed for their Land
By: By Ellie Mae O`Hagan, Vice.com
14 August 2013
On a hot, dusty morning in July, I found myself rattling down a road in the beautiful Colombian countryside. I was there as part of a delegation with the international NGO, Justice for Colombia, crashing through virtually unusable roads, over gaping potholes and dangerously rusted bridges – testament to the

Brazil: Vila Autódromo Avoids Eviction
By: Matthew Elliott, The Rio Times
13 August 2013
RIO DE JANEIRO—The campaign against forced evictions in Rio in the lead-up to the city’s mega-events celebrated a victory as the favela community of Vila Autódromo, adjacent to the Olympic Park site, secured its permanence after years of struggle. The outcome guarantees potentially displaced residents the choice between remaining within

Nigeria: Devastating Wave of Forced Evictions
By: Amnesty International
12 August 2013
New evidence from satellite images reveals the true extent of a forced eviction in Badia East, Lagos – one of Africa’s two megacities. The pictures, taken before and after demolitions carried out by the Lagos state government on 23 February 2013, clearly show that a densely populated area containing concrete

India: Chakma Villagers Evicted
By: Seven Sister website
12 August 2013
The narrator of the story (identity withheld on request and due to security reasons)was among hundreds of people, belonging to the minority Chakma tribe who have been forcefully evicted in month of June and rendered homeless and, now faces an uncertain future in their own state. In this podcast he

The Great Southeast Asian Land Grab
By: John Cherry, the diplomat.com
08 August 2013
Conflict over land tenure in Southeast Asia’s rural areas has emerged as a key issue for the region. To achieve goals such as economic development and poverty reduction in rural areas, governments in the region have pursued policies to attract investment from large corporate entities both domestically and internationally, to

Sri Lanka Army Condemned for Killing Protesters
07 August 2013
Christian priests and nuns joined a candle-light vigil in the capital to protest against the military action [AFP]     The Roman Catholic Church has accused the Sri Lankan army of shooting unarmed protesters and desecrating a church during demonstrations against water contamination.   In an unusually strongly worded statement on Wednesday, the Archbishop of

Land Rights Activists Assassinated in Mexico
By: Associated Press
06 August 2013
ACAPULCO, Mexico—Two leftist activists were found shot to death on Mexico`s southern Pacific coast and a third is missing, a local leader said Tuesday.   The two men were found with their hands bound and gunshot wounds to their heads Monday near Coyuca de Benitez, a town west of Acapulco.   The Emiliano Zapata

Burma: Ethnic Armed Groups Confiscate Land
20 July 2013
HURFOM--In recent months Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM) has been tracking various cases of land confiscation, some of which took place years ago but have only now come to light. So far, published documentation has focussed on confiscations perpetrated by the Burmese military, local authorities and private companies working

Chicago: Reclaiming Homes, Rights for Homeless
By: Dawn Turner Trice, Chicago Tribune
15 July 2013
Since 2010, the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign has taken over nearly 30 abandoned South and West Side residences, rehabbed them and moved in homeless families.   Willie "J.R" Fleming, a longtime housing rights activist and co-founder of the campaign, said the group can do this because of an exemption in the state criminal

Israel Still Justifies Naqab Arabs` Forced Eviction
By: Arab HRA
27 June 2013
The Prawer Plan relays on a unjust assumption that the ownership claims of the Arab Bedouins on their land in the Negev are not legitimate since they are not listed in the Land Registry books. During the British Mandate period, when landholders in the north and center of the country

ETO Consortium 6th Conference
26 June 2013
Extraterritorial Obligations (ETO) Consortium Meets Again The 6th conference of the Extraterritorial (ETO) Consortium took place as a special event of the Vienna+20 Action Week on Human Rights in Vienna, on 25 and 26 June 2013. This parallel event was made possible by the presence of a large portion of ETO

Istanbulites to IOC: “Don’t Select Our City”
By: Urban Movements Istanbul / HIC and People’s Houses
21 June 2013
Esteemed members of the IOC;   This is a call from two human rights organizations, Urban Movements Istanbul / HIC (Habitat International Coalition) and People’s Houses on behalf the citizens of Istanbul from all ages, social and political backgrounds, associations, ideologies and beliefs.   From 28 May to 15 June, Istanbulites had been attacked

Cuba: World’s Oddest Property Market
By: John Arlidge, Financial Times
18 June 2013
Cuba, home of the world’s oddest property market, is finally allowing its people to buy and sell homes but property lawyers and agents are still illegal     Havana—It’s only 9am but it’s already 33C on the Malecón, Havana’s corniche, and my brain feels like a conch fritter. I’ve come to meet a

Egypt under CESCR Review
13 June 2013
The Habitat International Coalition and affiliate civil society organizations have submitted an analytical report to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) for its current review of the state party: Egypt. The collective report focuses especially on the implementation of the human right to adequate housing, as enshrined

Brazil: 1-Yr World Cup Countdown, 1,000s Face Eviction
By: Matisse Bustos Hawkes, WITNESS
12 June 2013
Today, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and FIFA President Sepp Blatter will officially mark the one-year countdown to the opening of the 2014 World Cup. Meanwhile, thousands of Brazil’s residents struggle to rebuild their lives after being forcibly removed from their homes to prepare for the multi-billion dollar sports event. Thousands

Sri Lanka:Protests against Demolishing Women Homes
By: D.B.S.Jeyaraj.com
12 June 2013
Tension prevailed in the Galle suburb of Karapitiya on Wednesday June 12th 2013 when Muslim women protesting the intended demolition of their homes by the Urban Development Authority(UDA)demonstrated in front of bulldozers and succeeded temporarily in prevented their dwellings being wrecked. The dramatic incident where around 25 Muslim women bravely sat

Haiti: UN "Gravely Concerned" at Families` Eviction
By: UN News Centre
10 June 2013
10 June 2013 – Following the razing of a temporary camp sight in Haiti, a senior United Nations official today expressed concern about ongoing illegal forced evictions and human rights abuses of families displaced by the 2010 earthquake. “On June 5, the United Nations was informed that 120 to 150 families

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