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Berliners Vote to Evict Corporate Landlords
By: Alexander Vasudevan, The Guardian
29 September 2021
Berlin’s vote to take properties from big landlords could be a watershed moment The successful referendum to expropriate the city’s apartments from corporate landlords is a potential template for Europe     With coalition talks that could last months under way to form Germany’s next government, the reverberations of Sunday’s election will be felt for quite

Aboriginals Reclaim World’s Oldest Rainforest
By: Ben Smee, The Guardian
28 September 2021
The world’s oldest rainforest will join landmarks like Uluru and Kakadu, where First Nations are custodians of world heritage sites   The world heritage-listed national park is being handed back to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people, who will manage it in partnership with the Queensland government.      Eastern Kuku Yalanji people will take formal

EU Court Backs Citizens on Trade under Occupation
By: European Legal Support Center (ELSC)
24 September 2021
Citizens are calling on the European Commission to obey international law and end trade with illegal settlements in territories under occupation - including Palestine and Western Sahara.   No one should profit from occupation.   The European Court of Justice annuls the Commission’s refusal to register a Citizens’ Initiative calling for the regulation of

Salish and Kootenai Restore Land, Water Rights
By: Mark Armao, GRIST
24 September 2021
A Montana Tribe Finalizes a Historic $1.9 Billion Settlement It’s the largest sum ever awarded in an Indigenous water rights case.     After decades of negotiations, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) have finalized a $1.9 billion water rights settlement that resolves thousands of tribal claims tied to waterways throughout western Montana.   U.S. Secretary

India must Halt Mass Eviction during COVID-19
By: TRT world - Time of India
24 September 2021
The Indian state has been a cauldron of ethnic tensions for decades and the latest round of forced expulsions of hundreds of Muslims is only making the matters worse. ASSAM -- On September 24, dawn broke to an eerie silence in the riverine char villages of Dhalpur 1 and 3 deep

UN Food Summit Will Only Feed Corporations
By: Sofía Monsalve, Geneva Solutions
22 September 2021
Transnational agribusiness firms have captured the UN Food Systems Summit and have restricted the meeting`s agenda to solutions that will further inflate their profits instead of solving the global hunger crisis, says Sofia Monsalve, secretary general of the food rights organisation FIAN International.     When I visited my parents in Bogotá last month,

New Study: Forced Eviction in Baidoa, Somalia
By: Norwegian Refugee Council
16 September 2021
This study titled ‘I want my land. You have to go’ comprehensively explores why forced evictions in Baidoa continue to thrive; and then takes a deep-dive into the factors that are fuelling, promoting, and sustaining the eviction phenomenon to advance practical policy solutions to effectively address the problem at different

Afghans Protest Taliban Evictions
By: Agence France Press
15 September 2021
Hundreds March in Kandahar to Protest against Taliban Evictions     Residents of Zara Ferqa, a suburb made up of government housing and ramshackle huts, said they had been ordered to leave by the Taliban, but had nowhere else to go.     KANDAHAR—Hundreds of protesters from a neighbourhood populated by former Afghan army servicemen marched

227 Land Defenders Murdered in a Year
By: Global Witness
13 September 2021
227 land and environmental activists murdered in a single year, the worst figure on record   As the climate crisis intensifies, violence against defenders of the earth is escalating.     A report released today reveals that 227 land and environmental activists were murdered in 2020 for defending their land and the planet. That constitutes the highest

India: Forced Eviction in 2020
By: HLRN - India
12 September 2021
Housing and Land Rights Network- India is pleased to announce the launch of a new report – Forced Evictions in India in 2020: A Grave Human Rights Crisis During the Pandemic. The report reveals that during the COVID-19 pandemic, from March 2020 to July 2021, the Indian government demolished,

India Evicted 21 People Every Hour during COVID
By: Rina Chandran - Thomson Reuters Foundation
09 September 2021
More than 250,000 people were evicted across India during the coronavirus pandemic, and millions more are at risk of being uprooted as authorities eye projects for faster economic growth, housing rights campaigners warned on Thursday. From March 2020 to July 2021, authorities demolished more than 43,000 homes and evicted about 21

Egypt’s ‘Best Practice’ toward 2030 SDGs
By: World Bank
07 September 2021
UN Lists Upper Egypt Local Development Program as a Best Practice to Achieving Results Towards 2030 SDGs     Story Highlights   The Upper Egypt Local Development Program is strengthening the capacity of local government to deliver quality infrastructure and services and improve the environment for private sector development and job creation in four governorates. The

South Asia, Rising Ocean Displaces Millions
By: hlrn
05 September 2021
In South Asia, Rising Ocean Pushes out Those Living at the Shore In the vast Sunderbans delta that spans eastern India and Bangladesh, coastal erosion due to rising sea levels has been slowly carving away chunks of its low-lying islands, forcing thousands of people to relocate, according to climate experts.

Israel Demolishes al-`Araqib 192nd Time
By: The Palestine Chronicle
04 September 2021
Israel Demolishes al-`Araqib Village for 192nd Time   Israeli authorities demolished the Palestinian Bedouin village of al-`Araqib in the southern Negev for the 192nd time on Thursday. The Bedouin families of al-`Araqib rebuild the village every time Israeli authorities demolish it.   The village was first levelled in July 2010, and every time the

Uganda: “Total” Eviction for Pipeline
By: Emily Jones, The McGill International Review
30 August 2021
Evicted Development: Moving People for Pipelines   Fifteen years ago, UK company Tullow Oils began drilling in Western Uganda, discovering the country’s previously untapped oil reserves. Today, two other international oil giants are collaborating with East African governments in a slow, tactful land grab to take advantage of them. Construction of the

India: War on the Urban Poor in Haryana
24 August 2021
The urban poor of the Delhi-NCR region have been reeling under the disastrous impact of successive lockdowns and the fatal second wave of CoVID. The incessant spells of monsoon rain taking over the city’s roads and spaces have added to their woes. And now the Haryana government has dealt yet

Zim: Evicted Zanu PF Supporters Stranded
By: Jairos Saunyama, Zimbabwe situation
22 August 2021
About 200 families that were evicted from a farm on the outskirts of Marondera in June are still living in the open as the government is yet to fulfil its promise to resettle them. The families, mostly Zanu PF supporters, were kicked out of Maganga Estates, which is owned by Hunyani

The Afghani Refugee crisis far Beyond the Evacuation Plans
By: Sammy Westfall, Washington post
20 August 2021
More than 240,000 Afghans have been internally displaced since the U.S. withdrawal began in May. Tens of thousands more have fled their home provinces in the past two weeks. As Afghanistan’s neighbors, along with other countries in the region and in the West, brace for the possibility of a large-scale refugee

Biden Admin. Hands Israel Stolen Land
By: Michael F. Brown, The Electronic Intidafa
17 August 2021
Biden administration and media hand occupied land to Israel   The Biden administration appears to be intent on handing occupied territory to Israel, precisely as the Trump administration sought to do.   There are lies, damn lies, and statistics … and then there is Shebaa Farms. Recently, the US State Department and news media both

From Neom to Kinshasa: 10 Megacities of the Future
By: James Langton, The National (UAE)
16 August 2021
From Neom to Kinshasa: 10 megacities of the future       By the end of century, more than 85 million people will live in Lagos alone and the top three megacities in the world could be in Africa     Bigger is not necessarily better and that is certainly the case with cities.   The UN has predicted

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