HIC Statement to the High-level Political Forum 2020

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HIC Statement to the High-level Political Forum 2020
08 June 2020

Today, Habitat International Coalition (HIC) and its Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN) subnitted a one-page statement to the UN High-Level Political Form (HLPF), which will convene at UN Headquarters on 7 to 16 July 2020, in order to review states` progress toward achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At this annual event, 47 UN Member States will present their Voluntary National Reviews on SDG progress. With only ten years remaining in the 2030 Agenda, this year`s HLPF calls for Accelerated action and transformative pathways to achieveing the Goals.

As a regular participant in the HLPF, HIC-HLRN expresses its observation of the widening gap between states` permanent and binding obligations under treaty, on one hand, and their temporary and voluntary commitments, on the other. This divergence becomes especially evident at the promised convergence of sustainable development efforts and human rights duties. The HIC statement explains how the corresponding fault lines emerge into high relief amid the current CORVID-19 pandemic.

Download the statement here.

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