EU: Right to Water Triumph

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EU: Right to Water Triumph
By: David Sánchez Carpio, Food & Water Europe
09 January 2016

BRUSSELS—Today, the European water movement achieved a great victory.

The plenary of the European Parliament approved a report demanding the implementation of the human right to water in the European Union. This is one of the results of the long-term campaign that started with the collection of nearly 2 million signatures under the European Citizen’s Right2water Initiative.

The EU Parliament also called for the exclusion of water from trade agreements and liberalization rules. It also asked the European Commission not to push for water privatization through the Troika in countries such as Greece.

The European Parliament also:

  • Recognized the failure of water privatization in Africa and the fact that it hampered the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals for water and sanitation.

  • Rejected water cut-offs and the enforced switching-off of the water supply when they are due to socioeconomic factors in low-income households.

  • Took the view that, with regard to regulation and control, the public ownership of water needs to be protected by encouraging public, transparent and participatory management models.

  • Acknowledged that water is not a commodity, but a common good.

  • Recalled that the option of remunicipalising water services should continue to be ensured in the future without any restriction.

  • Stressed that EU development policies should fully integrate universal access to water and sanitation via de promotion of public-public partnerships (they introduced also PPPs for just one vote…)

The final approved report is available here.

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