Arab CSO Forum on sustainable development

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Arab CSO Forum on sustainable development
23 March 2021

We invite you to attend the regional meeting of civil society organizations on #sustainable development in the Arab region. Representatives of civil society and experts in Arab countries will participate in the meeting to discuss efforts to achieve sustainable development in the Arab region and the challenges it faces.

The regional meeting concludes with proposing practical recommendations at the level of public policies to be submitted to the Arab Forum on Sustainable Development and through it to the High-level Political Forum to be held in July 2021 in New York.

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• Access to natural resources
• Advocacy
• Armed / ethnic conflict
• Climate change
• Commons
• Communication and dissemination
• Disability
• Disaster mitigation
• Discrimination
• Displaced
• Energy
• Environment (Sustainable)
• Epidemics, diseases
• ESC rights
• Ethnic
• Farmers/Peasants
• Food (rights, sovereignty, crisis)
• Forced evictions
• Globalization, negative impacts
• Health
• Housing rights
• Human rights
• Indigenous peoples
• Informal settlements
• Internal migrants
• Land rights
• Legal frameworks
• Livelihoods
• Local Governance
• Low income
• Networking
• Norms and standards
• Pastoralists
• People under occupation
• Population transfers
• Privatization
• Public policies
• Public programs and budgets
• Refugees
• Regional
• Rural planning
• Technologies
• UN system
• Unemployed
• Urban planning
• Water&sanitation
• Women
• Youth

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