Less than a week since the new Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalgn warned that there would not be any kind of forced eviction during his Parliamentary session, over 90 families of the Amhara ethnic origin have been evicted from the Bench Maji Zone, Gura Farda Woreda of Southern Ethiopia.

The residents of the area say Ethiopians of the Amhara ethnic origin are being forcefully evicted from the region through systematic campaign. The whereabouts of those evicted including family members is not known. According to one farmer, the systematic eviction of Amhara people will continue.

Prime Minister Hailemariam had said few days ago that those that would evict people in any part of the Country would be made legally responsible.

In a recent interview with ESAT, international lawyer and scholar Dr. Yacob Hailemariam said that the government could be charged with “ethnic cleansing” for the forced eviction of Ethiopians of the Amhara ethnic origin.

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