During the second session of the executive Board of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme 2021, Habitat International Coalition (HIC) presented an oral intervention as follows;

HIC addresses here three agenda items:

Under item 3, HIC encourages UN-Habitat and its organs to develop with partners an appropriate stakeholder-engagement policy, operation and the corresponding self-organized mechanism as promised at the first Assembly. HIC kept its promise there to review stakeholder-engagement practices across the UN System propose options in time for the 10th World Urban Forum (2020.(

Therefore, we urge the relevant Ad Hoc Committee to focus on this important missing link to build the needed infrastructure for meaningful partnership.

Regarding item 7, HIC commends UN-Habitat’s efforts to develop ‘flagship products’ that facilitate integrated normative and operative NUA implementation. Welcome is the Global Urban Monitoring Framework under development, beyond the piecemeal campaigns of the past. Coherent with the normative dimension also, that tool incorporates the international law definition of adequate housing, and would still benefit from including the human rights criteria for lawful eviction, aligned with states’ prior treaty performance and reporting obligations.

On item 8, NUA pledges complement and offer greater specificity to these binding obligations and the voluntary commitments, and proffer important guidance for UN-Habitat and all spheres of government. We look forward to more implementation and reporting by states, as well as improved guidance for state reporting, including such innovative and timely pledges as state support for ‘social production of housing and habitat’ and realizing the ‘social and ecological functions of land’ .

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