Global Statement against Continuing Apartheid

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

—Nelson Mandela

An initiative of the Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Movement -

Decades of mobilization by the Palestinian people, coupled with recent endorsement from global civil society, international human rights organizations, UN experts, heads of states, parliamentarians and diplomats, have made it clear that apartheid is not merely a scourge of the past but a still persistent affliction that demands urgent action.

Irrefutable evidence and unequivocal analysis from all these quarters demonstrate that Israel is perpetrating the crime against humanity of apartheid against Palestinians.

Under the current Israeli government, the most openly far-right, racist, fundamentalist, sexist, homophobic and corrupt in the state’s history, the decades long violence and settler-colonial oppression against Indigenous Palestinians is taking ever more brutal forms.

It is time for people around the world to unite and for the United Nations to take urgent action. The UN General Assembly (UNGA) must reactivate its mechanisms to ensure the crime of apartheid will truly be part of history and to hold Israel accountable for perpetrating it.

Weو therefore, call on Member States at the upcoming UNGA to take a first step and reactivate the Special Committee against Apartheid.

The recognition of apartheid as a crime against humanity and the meaningful global solidarity with the people’s struggle on the ground – particularly expressed in cutting links of state, corporate and institutional complicity in apartheid – paved the way to freedom and democracy for the people in Southern Africa and their ongoing struggle to end economic inequalities. The dismantlement of apartheid in South Africa is today a vital milestone in the global struggle against racism, discrimination and colonial oppression, but it remains “incomplete,” as Mandela said, without fully abolishing apartheid everywhere around the world, starting in Palestine.

The UNGA’s Special Committee against Apartheid played a pivotal role in the global struggle against racism decades ago by monitoring and exposing apartheid policies and by building mechanisms under international law to suppress and punish this crime against humanity. It is time for the UNGA to shoulder the responsibility of reviving this Special Committee and to unite to end 21st century apartheid, wherever it occurs.

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