The Day After published two new studies, in addition to a series of previous studies and reports on HLP rights, a matter that has turned to a commodity for negotiation with Syrian society and a source of influence instead of a protected right for individuals.

The first study, entitled “The Violation Patterns of HLP Rights Across Seven Areas Which Were Regained by the Regime” was one of the few field studies that worked on monitoring violations of HLP rights on the ground in seven informal settlement areas that witnessed widespread destruction and displacement of the population within five Syrian governorates:

· Damascus Governorate (Jobar and al-Tadamon neighborhoods)

· Damascus Countryside Governorate (Darayya city)

· Aleppo Governorate (Jabal Badro neighborhood)

· Homs Governorate (Baba Amr neighborhood, al-Qusayr city)

· Daraa Governorate (al-Mukhayyam neighborhood)

The study sought to determine the identity of violators, be them the regime or the de facto authorities in the region, and to understand the political dimension of these practices regarding these regions, in addition to raising the issue of the necessity of revisiting the concept of HLP rights in the Syrian context in light of the fragility of the real estate ownership system in Syria.

The study monitored and identified patterns of violations experienced by the seven regions covered by the study, revealing ten types of violations of HLP rights, namely: displacement, indiscriminate bombing and destruction, looting and stealing, preventing the return, violations to urban planning, demolition and bulldozing of buildings, appropriating property, forcing sales under pressure, and selling or renting property of the displaced, and building on the lands of the displaced people.

This study seeks to contribute to filling a major gap in documenting and understanding the patterns and ways of violations of HLP rights in Syria, by both Syrian and international parties, identifying individuals and military and civilian institutions involved in such violations, and understanding the political and demographic implications thereof.

In a related context, in light of the increasing talk about the tendency of international organizations to encourage and support early recovery projects in Syria, the second study TDA conducted is titled “The Impact of Early Recovery and Reconstruction Projects on HLP Rights in Syria”. The study seeks to define the concept of early recovery in the Syrian context and its relationship to the reconstruction process in Syria and directing attention to the potential effects of early recovery projects on HLP rights in Syria.

The study focused on exploring seven types of projects that fall under the procedural definition of early recovery and reconstruction in Syria, which are: projects of infrastructure rehabilitation; rebuilding and restoring damaged residential buildings; building new residential complexes; supporting health services; supporting educational services; supporting private businesses and creating job opportunities; and projects to supporting social cohesion. In addition to that, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 9 experts from all areas of control in Syria.

Findings of the study also showed that most early recovery and reconstruction projects in Syria do not take into account HLP rights. Its importance lies in providing a set of recommendations on the mechanisms for selecting projects and the dynamics of their implementation by international organizations and civil society organizations, in addition to recommendations related to the general legal and institutional environment related to HLP rights, with the aim of reducing violation of such rights, both intentional and unintended ones.

These reports were among some of the most important goals that TDA is working on in order to promote human rights in Syria, by contributing to coordinating the efforts of Syrian civil society in the areas of transitional justice and participating in formulating the political transition.

“The Violation Patterns of HLP Rights Across Seven Areas Which Were Regained by the Regime”, Download report

The Impact of Early Recovery and Reconstruction Projects on HLP Rights in Syria”, Download report.

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