New from HIC-HLRN: "A Pandemic of Violations"

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New from HIC-HLRN: "A Pandemic of Violations"
05 October 2020

On the occasion of World Habitat Day (5 October 2020) and “Urban October,” HIC-HLRN has produced its annual report from the HLRN Violation Database.

This year’s review of patterns and trends in housing and land rights violation around the world is dedicated to the theme: A Pandemic of Violations: Forced Evictions and Other Habitat-related Human Rights Violations amid COVID-19. It explores the cases of forced eviction, destruction, dispossession and privatization of housing and land of the most-vulnerable communities during a global crisis and pandemic that leaves no one behind.

The report charts the patterns of housing and land rights conditions before, during and after the pandemic with a focus on:


Migrant Workers

Domestic Workers

Slum Dwellers

Rural People

Indigenous Peoples

Refugees, Migrants and Displaced Persons

People under Occupation/Colonization

People Caught up in War

People Subject to Privatization and Financialization

A Pandemic of Violations ends with a prospectus for coming out of this pandemic by Protecting Each Other and annexes the global VDB Search Results from 1 January to 5 October 2020 as the basis for this World Habitat Day 2020 analysis from HIC-HLRN.

Download A Pandemic of Violations: Forced Evictions and Other Habitat-related Human Rights Violations amid COVID-19

• Access to natural resources
• Accompanying social processes
• Advocacy
• Agriculture
• Armed / ethnic conflict
• Basic services
• Climate change
• Collectivization
• Communication and dissemination
• Compensation
• Coordination
• Cultural Heritage
• Demographic manipulation
• Destruction of habitat
• Disaster mitigation
• Discrimination
• Displaced
• Displacement
• Dispossession
• Education
• Environment (Sustainable)
• Epidemics, diseases
• ESC rights
• Ethnic
• Fact finding mission/field research
• Farmers/Peasants
• Financialization
• Food (rights, sovereignty, crisis)
• Forced evictions
• Gender Equality
• Globalization, negative impacts
• Grassroots initiatives
• Habitat Conferences
• Health
• Historic heritage sites
• Homeless
• Housing crisis
• Housing rights
• Human rights
• Indigenous peoples
• Internal migrants
• International
• Land rights
• Landless
• Legal frameworks
• Livelihoods
• Local
• Local Governance
• Low income
• Megaprojects
• National
• Networking
• Norms and standards
• Pastoralists
• People under occupation
• Population transfers
• Post-disaster reconstruction
• Privatization
• Project management
• Property rights
• Public / social housing
• Public policies
• Public programs and budgets
• Religious
• Reparations / restitution of rights
• Research
• Rural planning
• Security of tenure
• Solidarity campaign
• Squatters
• Subsidies
• Technologies
• Temporary shelter
• Tenants
• Travelers
• Tribal peoples
• UN HR bodies
• UN system
• Unemployed
• Urban planning
• Water&sanitation
• Women
• Youth

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