During the time while Palestinian people are preparing themselves to hold a legislative elections, the Israeli occupation has launched a new aggressive attack against Gaza people. This attack leads to the martyrdom and the wound of hundreds of innocent civilians. In addition, it leads to the destruction of dozens of civil institutions and residential buildings. Also, hundreds of families become homeless. Despite the ceasefire, the possibility of explosion at any moment is looming in the Horizon because the reasons which lead to this explosion are still existing. The reasons are represented by the harsh living conditions under which people in Gaza are living, depriving them from the humanitarian necessities of life which ensure a dignified life.

Because of the successive wars and continuing siege imposed upon Gaza for 13 years, Gaza has witnessed unprecedented tragic humanitarian situation. People are suffering from hunger, extreme poverty, and low municipal, health, and basic services. In reality, they are surrounded by the occupation, siege, injustice, and successive attacks from every side. This destroys all remaining aspects of life.

In the light of continuing injustice that Gaza people suffer from, we Jabalia AL.Nazlh Municipality, out of our humanitarian, social, service responsibilities- appeal to you to stand with us in order to enable the municipality to fulfill its responsibilities, and its social, humanitarian, and service duties towards its citizens, standing with them and strengthening their resilience. Especially, winter season is coming ahead, and huge amounts of needs are needed, such as fuel, food, and relief.

Best regards,,

Mayor Of Jabalia AL.Nazlh Municipality

Mr. Issam M. Jouda

To contact us via whatSapp 11071400597900

Original source: HIC-HLRN (MENA)

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