The Preparatory Meeting to the UN 2023 Water Conference, will be held on the 25 October 2022 at the UN HQ, in New York. The aim is to finalize the themes of the interactive dialogues and other outstanding organizational matters of the UN 2023 Water Conference. Details are available here, and the Conference will take place in New York, 22–24 March 2023.

Additionally, the President of the UN General Assembly (PGA) will be hosting a “stakeholder consultation” the day before, on 24 October. This meeting will be held in a hybrid format with virtual connection and in person at UNHQ.

It is expected that the program will accommodate short interventions during the roundtables. Please find the draft programme is here.

Any person attending must be registered through this form.

Please, note that any participant attending in person in New York must be registered to attend the event, or have a UN Grounds Pass from an accredited organization.

• Access to natural resources
• Advocacy
• Basic services
• Climate change
• Commodification
• Communication and dissemination
• Destruction of habitat
• Environment (Sustainable)
• Financialization
• Human rights
• International
• Legal frameworks
• Local Governance
• Norms and standards
• Public policies
• Public programs and budgets
• UN system