Preliminary Assessment of the Economic Impact of the Destruction in Gaza and Prospects for Economic Recovery

UNCTAD Rapid Assessment

Utilizing innovative satellite imagery and official data, the report details the unprecedented destruction in Gaza since the military operation that began after 7 October 2023.

It warns that the economic damage will take tens of billions of dollars and decades to reverse.

Explore the data and recommendations.

Gaza: Unprecedented destruction will take tens of billions of dollars and decades to reverse

Weekly Tradecast: “Israel-Gaza crisis: Palestinian economy needs billions to rebuild and much more to grow,” 31 Jan 2024

This episode of The Weekly Tradecast looks at the impact of the Israel-Gaza crisis on the Palestinian economy with UNCTAD economist Rami Alazzeh.

The report quantifies GDP loss, recovery timelines and the enduring effects on poverty and household expenditure, painting a daunting picture of the development challenges ahead. More in English, Français, or Español

Promoting development and unleashing the capacity of the economy of Gaza for job creation is essential for restoring dignity and ending decades of forced dependency on humanitarian assistance. Listen to the broadcast.

Photo: Aerial view of Israel`s bombing destruction in Gaza, 20234. Source: UNCTAD.

• Access to natural resources
• Agriculture
• Armed / ethnic conflict
• Basic services
• Destruction of habitat
• Displaced
• Displacement
• Environment (Sustainable)
• ESC rights
• Forced evictions
• Indigenous peoples
• Infrastructure
• Livelihoods
• Low income
• People under occupation
• Post-disaster reconstruction
• Public programs and budgets
• Research
• UN system
• Urban planning
• Water&sanitation