UNESCO Resolutions to Protect Jerusalem

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UNESCO Resolutions to Protect Jerusalem
07 April 2022

UNESCO unanimously adopts two resolutions on state of Palestine

OCCUPIED PALESTINE—The Executive Council of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has unanimously adopted two resolutions on the State of Palestine.

At its 214th session held in Paris on Wednesday, the UNESCO [Executive Board] adopted a resolution on old Jerusalem and its walls, stating that all Israeli procedures aiming to change the identity of the holy city and its legal status quo are null and void.

It also calls for a UNESCO mission to be sent to Jerusalem to inspect violations committed by the occupation.

A second resolution the UNESCO also adopted focuses on Palestinian cultural and educational institutions.

For his turn, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki has welcomed the adoption of the two resolutions, stressing the importance of adopting them at this particular time.

Al-Malki cited the ongoing systematic and widespread violations that ‘Israel’, the illegal occupying power, is carrying out against the rights of the Palestinian people.

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Photo: The Dome of the Rock atop the Noble Sanctuary in Jerusalem. Source: Moshe Gilad.

Download UNESCO Executive Board resolution on Palestinian cultural and educational institutions (214 EX/PX/DR.23),

Download UNESCO Executive Board resolution on the Old  City  of  Jerusalem  and  its  Walls (214 EX/PX/DR.23.1).

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