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HR Training reports

Here you will find reports of HIC and HLRN educational and training courses and other events relevant to human rights related to habitat.

This section includes links to the different websites where the content is hosted.
World Habitat Day 2022
On the occasion of World Habitat Day 2022, Habitat International Coalition (HIC) joins Members, allies and development actors to reflect More Details
Counting on Justice: Land Rights Violations and Reparations for Victims in Yemen
Counting on Justice: A Reckoning of Land Rights Violations and Their Consequences toward Reparations for Victims in Yemen More Details
Kenya: Dispossessing Women as Custom
New study on the impacts of customary practices on the habitat-related human rights of women in Kenya More Details
Kenya: Impoverishing Women with "Development"
Incidents of Infrastructure Development That Dispossess and Displace People: Baseline assessment of women’s wealth, wellbeing and habitat More Details
الحق في المدينة في بيروت الكبرى
الملجأ في المدينة: الحق في المدينة للجميع في بيروت الكبرى More Details
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