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Cases Developement
April 22 2016 Govt. Seizes Churches
May 02 2017 Kurds Expelled
July 04 2016 Army Burns Forests
October 26 2016 Diyarbakır co-mayors arrested
November 03 2016 UCLG-CSIPD Calls for Restored Democracy in Diyarbakır
November 04 2016 Communiqué de Nathalie Appéré, maire de Rennes
November 18 2016 UN Expert Urges Turkey to Release Detainees amid “Grave Concern” about Free Speech
June 12 2017 Solidarity with Diyarbakır’s arrested co-Mayors and call to respect local democracy in Turkey
November 01 2016 HIC Condemns the Detention of the Mayors of Diyarbakir
August 01 2017 Nevin Soyukaya, SUR
August 19 2017 Peace Block letter
September 21 2016 UN Special Rapporteurs
January 20 2017 Permanent Mission of Turkey response to UN Special Rapporteurs
August 25 2017 Turkey: More Destruction of Sur, Diyarbakır
April 30 2018 30 Cities in Solidarity

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The indigenous people of Tibet have the human right to adequate housing with self-determination

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