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Urgent Action Case Database
Title Date Details Development Support
UA: Zimbabwe, 200,000 People Evicted and Millions More Threatened 10 June 2005 Latest Development Support
UA: India, 100 Homeless Women and Children Evicted from Shelter 04 November 2004 Support
OL: Mexico, To President Quesada on Effects of La Parota Dam 27 September 2004 Latest Development Support
UA (joint): Egypt, Authorities Evict Families from Relief Tents 15 September 2004 Support
OL: Caterpillar Inc. Must Stop Participation in Israeli Evictions 15 July 2004 Latest Development Support
OL: Kuwait Development Fund Must Stop Financing Lyari Project 21 June 2004 Latest Development Support
UA(joint): India, 100 Dalit Homes Burnt by Upper Caste 15 June 2004 Support
OL: Sudan, President al-Bashir Must Uphold Obligations Towards Darfur 21 May 2004 Latest Development Support
UA: Palestine, Mass House Demolitions Leaves over 2,000 Homeless in Rafah 19 May 2004 Latest Development Support
UA: India, 300,000 People Evicted and 40,000 Houses Demolished 05 May 2004 Latest Development Support
UA(joint): Kenya, 200 Homes Belonging to Indigenous community Burnt 03 May 2004 Support
UA: Kyrgyztan, 64 Families, including 200 Children, Evicted 03 May 2004 Support
OL: USA, To President Bush on Intended Cuts to Housing Subsidy 10 April 2004 Support
OL (joint): Kenya, Minister of Justice Must Uphold Law on Impending Evictions in Kibera 04 March 2004 Latest Development Support
OL(joint): Mexico, President Vicente Fox Quesada Must Protect Indigenous Peoples 17 February 2004 Support
OL: India-Prime Minister Vajpayee Must Halt Mass Evictions 03 February 2004 Latest Development Support
OL: Indonesia, Governor Sutiyoso Evicts 15,000 People during Ramadan 29 December 2003 Support
UA (joint): India, Mass Evictions Leave 75,000 Homeless 24 December 2003 Support
UA(joint): Tibet, Nomads resettled 01 December 2003 Support
UA: Indonesia, Develpment Projects Forcibly Evict 20,000 People 01 December 2003 Support

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