Louisiana’s Eroding Habitat

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Louisiana’s Eroding Habitat
By: HIC-HLRN (dossier)
20 February 2015

This week, a federal judge in New Orleans rejected a lawsuit that sought billions of dollars from energy companies for their role in eroding Louisiana’s coast, which protects the state from flooding by violent storms from the Gulf of Mexico, especially hurricanes. As we look ahead this year toward the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (August 2005), in 2015 we reflect on the lingering consequences for people and habitat.

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, land continues to disappear from under some of the US` first climate refugees. Louisiana pledged $50bn to save the rapidly vanishing coastline, but the state is struggling to find the money.

A series of lawsuits could change that equation and hold the world`s largest oil companies accountable for their role in the environmental crisis.

Meanwhile, Louisiana is a state in the United States whose economy simultaneously depends on the fossil fuel industry and is deeply affected by climate change brought on in part by its activity. Environmental watchdogs say that regulators have fast-tracked approvals for fracking operations in the Gulf of Mexico, accelerating the damage without conducting proper environmental impact assessments.

The following set of articles and videos explore Louisiana`s vanishing habitat and thes state’s ambitious restoration plan, the fate of its coastal communities, and how the offshore fracking boom could impact both.

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Photo: The disappearing delta. Source: Al Jazeera.

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