Brazil: PT Promises to Resume Housing Scheme

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Brazil: PT Promises to Resume Housing Scheme
By: Rede Brasil Actual
23 August 2018

São Paulo—At a press conference in João Pessoa, the vice presidential candidate on the plank of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Thursday that, if elected, one of the goals of a possible PT government would be to resume the Minha Casa Minha (My House My Life) program and of infrastructure development in the country. There are 40,000 units (of My House My Life) immediately. It will involve emergency measures for the next year to grow [the economy] 3% or 3.5%. [Despite] the fear of the financial market, the former mayor of São Paulo said he will have no problem in forming partnerships with the capital.

We will partner with the private sector. Not in all cases, but in the areas of sanitation, street lighting, railways, roads. But the state will have to have money to activate the works stopped, he said. But Haddad said bankers will have to sit down with the government and explain themselves. There will be no more cartel in Brazil, if it it is up to the Lula government. We will confront the banks.

Asked about the legal difficulties imposed on the Lula candidacy, he once again stated that the answer lies with the Higher Electoral Court. The United Nations has declared itself in favor of Lula`s candidacy last week. They have filed appeals against [Lula’s candidacy]. They have to decide whom to listento: whether the United Nations and international treaties approved by our Congress, or to the Temer government, or Aloysio Nunes (Minister of Foreign Affairs) and the Minister of Justice.

Haddad went on to say that the Electoral Code is clear in the sense that Lula can participate in the debates, unless the interpretation of the judges is alien to the legislation. If they re-read the law, at least they allow a representative. He noted that the candidates are afraid of Lula`s presence in the debates.

I do not know what opponents have to fear. Guilherme Boulos has said that it is Lula`s right to participate in the debates. But he is the only one. All the others seem to be afraid. If, quiet, he went up ten points in the polls, talking I do not even know what might happen. If he just shows up and stays quiet, he already will rise in the polls. The people are longing to have a president, an authority leading the country, Haddad said.

He stated that, at the moment, he is not standing as a candidate. Our sincere desire is for Lula to be the candidate. We are using all legal means, including at the international level.

According to Haddad, the Democratic Workers Party (PDT) candidate, Ciro Gomes, was been sought out to form a plank with the PT. Although the peddler preferred to keep his candidacy, the expectation would be for a union in the second round. The PDT has the right to have its own candidate, but the PT is exerting an effort to have them with us this time. It is public knowledge. We wanted that, and we do want it. We will be together in the second round, he affirmed.

Translation from Portuguese: HLRN

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Photo: Fernando Haddad at the 23 August press conference. Source: Rede Brasil Actual.

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