Demise of World Bank Accountability

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Demise of World Bank Accountability
22 June 2016

A forthcoming article in the American University International Law Review(AUILR) addressed “The Demise of Accountability at the World Bank?” The article by Natalie Bugalski, of Inclusive Development, examines recent trends in the accountability system at the World Bank, including the proposed Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) and developments at the Inspection Panel. The author analyses Bank accountability through the lens of involuntary resettlement and explores the trend away from clear policy entitlements and protections for project-affected people and toward negotiated risk management and redress in the case of harms.

Bugalski explains what this trend means in practice for the protection of human rights in cases of displacement. The analysis of the ESF is done through a “road-testing” of the draft framework on a hypothetical hydropower project, while the Inspection Panel section delves deeply into an “Early Solutions” pilot in Lagos.

AUILR has published a preview version of the article on its website in order to precede the final adoption of the World Bank safeguards draft in late summer 2016.

Photo: Protest in front of the World Bank headquarters, Washington DC. Source: Joe Athialy/Brettonwoods Project.

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