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Author : HLRN - MENA
Title : Standing up against the Empire: A Palestine Solidarity Guide, from Understanding to Action
Location : Cairo
Date : 31 January 2003
Abstract :

This monograph compiles the presentations of a two-day didactic seminar that HIC-HLRN organized at the World Social Forum III, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 26-27 January 2003. The program takes the participant/reader through a chronological process, explaining from general to specific the dynamics of colonization and institutionalized discrimination in Palestine. The analytical section is followed by practical annexes that inform about ongoing efforts to engage practically in the struggle to restore human rights for Palestinians on both side of the Israeli-occupied Green Line, providing also a directory of resources and partner organizations.

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Black American farmers have lost 98% of their lands since 1920 due to discrimination. See report on this siite under Documents/United States of America/"Investing in Housing, and Racism affecting People of African Descent"

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