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In additional to its Global Program, HLRN operates regional programs in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) and South Asia, as well as emerging regional initiatives in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa .

HLRN’s Coordination Office,
Middle East/North Africa
(MENA)Regional Program

4 Soliman Abaza  St., 3rdd Floor
Muhandisin, Cairo , Egypt
Tel/Fax: +20 (0)2 3762–8617 / 
E-mail:    hlrn@hlrn.org 

Web:      www.hlrn.org

Sub-Saharan Africa Program (SSAP)

P.O. Box. 14550
Nairobi ,  Kenya
Tel:  +254 (0)2 443–226;
         443–229; 443–219
Fax: +254 (0)2 444–643
E-mail:  mazinst@mitsuminet.com
Web:    www.mazinst.org


Latin America Program (LAP)

Tacuba No. 53, 1er. Piso
Colonيa Centro
06000 México D.F.,  México 
Tel:   +52 (0)55 12 15 86
Fax:  +52 (0)55 12 38 42
Web:      www.hic-al.org


HLRN Regional Programmes:    

Latin America
Middle East and North Africa
Sub - Saharan Africa
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HIC and Food Sovereignty

التعويل على كفاءة العدالة: العواقب التي تواجه ضحايا انتهاكات حقوق الأرض ومشروع دعم العدالة الانتقالية وجبر الضرر في اليمن
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