Demolition of Homes in Cebu City

What is affected
Housing private
Land Social/public
Land Private
Type of violation Forced eviction
Privatization of public goods and services
Date 20 April 2009
Region A [ Asia ]
Country Philippines
Location Barangay Talamban, Cebu City

Affected persons

Total 400
Men 0
Women 0
Children 0
Proposed solution
Forced eviction
Housing losses
- Number of homes 60
- Total value €
Privatization of public goods and services
Land Losses
Housing Losses

Duty holder(s) /responsible party(ies)

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Clash, arrests in Talamban sitio

By Chito O. Aragon, Fe Marie D. Dumaboc
Cebu Daily News

"Police yesterday arrested three persons after a melee broke out during the demolition of more than 60 houses in barangay Talamban, Cebu City.

At least eight people, including two policemen, were injured.

A court sheriff was serving an eviction order for a 20,000-square-meter property in sitio Kalubihan now owned by the Bank of Cebu and occupied by almost 400 urban poor settlers.

The clash lasted about 30 minutes.

Warning shots were fired in the air by Talamban police and operatives of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT).

It took at least two hours for a 115-member demolition team to break through a human barricade of women and a bamboo fence set up by the militant group Panaghugpong sa mga Kabos sa Dakbayan.

At least 25 policemen assisted the operation, where a demolition crew used steel bars and hammers to knock down the fence.

At least 50 residents with several supporters from militant urban poor groups tried to resist the eviction.

The clash happened shortly after court sheriff Edilberto Suarin served the writ of execution to evict the occupants of a 22,000 square meter lot, where 86 houses stand.

The property is owned by the Bank of Cebu, which petitioned for the eviction of the occupants. Regional Trial Court Judge Douglas Marigomen of Branch 5 issued a writ of execution dated April 17.

This is the third attempt to implement the court order since 2005, said the sheriff.

The three persons arrested were militant supporters, not residents. Police said they would be charged with obstruction of justice.

Those arrested were Larry Montecillo, 40, Jeffrey Cabungcag, 30, and Belinda Allere,43. Of the three, only Cabungcag is a resident there.

Montecillo is one of the leaders of Panaghugpong Kadamay, while Balbina Allere alias Bebie is the chairperson of the Cebu Urban Poor Women`s League.

Among those injured were Noel Pesical, 48; Dee Jay Dionson, 19; Luis Abing, 36; Micheal Granson, 21; Romeo Gamboa, 34; and Junrey Hernandez, 18.

They said they were hit with Armalit rifles or zapped with electric shocks by SWAT members during the commotion.

Chief Insp. Arnel Banzon, SWAT chief told said those arrested had attacked the police.

“Gipanumbag naman atong mga tawo, in fact naa tay nasamad nga sakop”, Banzon said in a mobile phone interview.

He said SPO1 Risalito Ricongco was injured in both arms while PO3 Arthur Sabang was hit in the face.

Police said SWAT members only frisked Montecillo for possible weapons.

But, Montecillo claimed that one policeman electrified him. Cabuncag also showed bruises on his back.

For her part, Allere denied police accusations of obstructing the operation.

“I was only brining the megaphone and holding onto my companion who was being pulled by the SWAT members,” said Allere.

The court sheriff said there used to be four urban poor associations in the community , but after the first and second demolition, they left the area except for one last group.

He was referring to the Saint Mary Association Inc, headed by president Julian Libato.

Libato said 120 families in the area or about 400 individuals were affected by the demolition.

Libato said that at May 15, 2005 when the second demolition happened, he returned to his hometown in Moalboal, Cebu and found a Deed of Absolute Sale inside a wooden chest stating that his father, Maximo Libato had bought that land from Conrado Tudtud, the first owner in the year 1963.

“But my father failed to inform us, his children. He took the land for granted, until Cebu City vice mayor Luis Diores Sr. claimed it as government land and mortgage it to the Bank of Cebu”, said Libato.

Libato said he filed a motion for reconsideration in court on A
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