Camp Bristou

What is affected
Housing private
Type of violation Forced eviction
Date 05 June 2013
Region LAC [ Latin America/Caribbean ]
Country Haiti
Location Camp Bristou

Affected persons

Total 400
Men 0
Women 0
Children 0
Proposed solution

Forced eviction
Housing losses
- Number of homes 400
- Total value €

Duty holder(s) /responsible party(ies)

Interntl org.
Brief narrative

On Wednesday, June 5th, mayor’s agents and police violently destroyed the B2 section of Camp Bristou. This camp is located in Peguyville, near the home of President Michel Martelly. Section B2 had more than 475 families, who were put out into the street.

Here is an excerpt from the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) statement today regarding the eviction:

The Humanitarian Coordinator in Haiti “gravely concerned” at continuing forced evictions of IDPs

(Port-au-Prince, 10 June 2013) – On June 5, the United Nations was informed that 120 to 150 families displaced by the 2010 earthquake and residing in Camp Bristou B1 were victims of illegal forced eviction on 4 and 5 June. A tractor was used to destroy tents starting 04 June and continuing into the night. Only fifty tents or shelters remained after the demolition. Although the camp is located on private land, witnesses noted that the eviction was not orchestrated by the owner himself.

Ms. Sophie de Caen, the Humanitarian Coordinator ad interim, has expressed concern over violations of the rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Haiti and the non application of established formal camp closure procedures.

The incident in Bristou was the latest in the growing number of reported cases of forced evictions since the beginning of 2013. So far 1,028 families (about 3,500 people) have been forced out of four camps. The expulsions from Camp Bristou put this figure at 4,000 victims this year. With 74% of the remaining IDP camps located on private lands, an estimated 21,596 IDP families (about 75,000 people) living in 105 camps currently face threats of forced eviction.

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