Eviction of Fisher-folk Community in North Jakarta

What is affected
Housing private
Type of violation Forced eviction
Date 26 October 2003
Region A [ Asia ]
Country Indonesia
Location Kapuk Muara, North Jakarta

Affected persons

Total 9400
Men 0
Women 0
Children 0
Proposed solution
Details AHRC-Indonesia2003.doc
Forced eviction
Housing losses
- Number of homes
- Total value €

Duty holder(s) /responsible party(ies)

Brief narrative On 10 October 2003, 750 households (about 5,000 persons) living in Muara Angke of North Jakarta were evicted by the North Jakarta government. This kampung is located in the riverbank of Angke river (the kampung is also located next to the luxurious settlement of Pantai Indah Kapuk).

On 15 October 2003, 900 more villagers living in 284 houses in Tegal Alur, West Jakarta were evicted by the West Jakarta government.

On 22 October 2003, Sutiyoso, Governor of Jakarta, before a representative from National Commission for Human Rights and a head of National Commission for Child Protection, stated that there will be no eviction until Idd al-Fitr (Moslem celebration day after Ramadan). But only six hours after the statement, 1,000 local security officers still evicted 700 homes in Kali Adem.

"..on the morning of 26 October 2003, the Minister of Settlement and Marine Resources officially visited Kapuk Muara, North Jakarta, a fisher-folk community about to be evicted by the Jakarta authority. The Minister of Settlement stated in public that the eviction of the community should be postponed. Later that same afternoon the community was evicted by the local authorities. Sutyoso, the Governor of Jakarta gave a media interview two days later stating that the `Ministers should mind their own business, not meddling into others`."

Extract from Asian Human Rights Commission Appeal FA-39-2003 (http://www.ahrchk.net/ua/mainfile.php/2003/583/)and Update. (See attached document)
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