al-Nuwai’ma, Jericho

What is affected
Housing private
Land Social/public
Type of violation Demolition/destruction
Date 04 June 2013
Region MENA [ Middle East/North Africa ]
Country Palestine
Location Jericho, West bank

Affected persons

Total 50
Men 4
Women 4
Children 20
Proposed solution

Housing losses
- Number of homes 4
- Total value €

Duty holder(s) /responsible party(ies)

Interntl org.
Brief narrative

eyewitnesses have reported that dozens of Israeli military jeeps, accompanied by an armored D9 bulldozers, invaded the al- Nuwai’ma area, north of the West Bank city of Jericho, and demolished four homes, and four sheds.

The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) have reported that the army surrounded the area before invading it. WAFA added that the demolished homes belong to four brothers identified as Shafallah, Hussein, Suleiman and Mohammad al-Zayed, and that the demolished sheds belong to residents Saleh al-Rashayda, Taiseer al-Rashayda, Ismael al-Rashayda and Ibrahim Zeid.

On Monday, 27 May 2013, Israeli soldiers invaded the al-Jiftlik Palestinian village in the Jericho district, and demolished three homes, two hothouses and two barns.

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