Joint Operations Command

What is affected
Housing private
Roads, Schools, Hospitals
Type of violation Forced eviction
Date 29 March 2008
Region AFA [ Africa anglophone ]
Country Zimbabwe
Location Harare and other cities

Affected persons

Total 15000
Men 0
Women 0
Children 0
Proposed solution

Stop eviction. Authorities provide reparation for those dispossessed, injured and killed.

Details ZimhumanrightsreportApr2002.rtf
Forced eviction
Housing losses
- Number of homes 800
- Total value €

Duty holder(s) /responsible party(ies)

Joint Operations Command--JOC (Emmerson Mnangagwa, General Constantine Chiwenga, Augustine Chihuri, Paradzai Zimondi, Perence Shiri and Gideon Gono); war veterans, Zanu-PF supporters
Brief narrative

Monday, June 30, 2008 Mugabe`s hatchet men : The Joint Operations Command (JOC), controls Zimbabwe. They are the president`s hatchet men. Without them, Zimbabwe`s Robert Mugabe would not last a day longer in office. Welcome to the world of Emmerson Mnangagwa, General Constantine Chiwenga, Augustine Chihuri, Paradzai Zimondi, Perence Shiri and Gideon Gono. This junta, the Joint Operations Command (JOC), controls Zimbabwe. When Mugabe lost control of parliament and it became clear that he was also losing the presidency to Morgan Tsvangirai after the poll on March 29, these six men hurriedly assembled around their octogenarian leader. They accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission officials of inflating Tsvangirai`s share of the vote in exchange for British-paid bribes . They ordered the arrest of electoral officials and recounts in 24 constituencies, hoping these would reverse the takeover of parliament by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). The recounts only confirmed the opposition`s victory. But, though they could afford to let go of parliament, there was no way they were going to let go of the presidency as well. So they unleashed the infamous Operation Makavhoterapapi (For whom did you vote?) in preparation for the presidential run-off, which had become necessary because neither Mugabe nor Tsvangirai had mustered an outright majority in the first presidential poll. Through a well-organised campaign of violence involving uniformed police and soldiers and thousands of Zanu-PF youth militias, they assured Mugabe that they would keep Zanu-PF in power. The first indication that the JOC meant business came soon after March 29, when Mnangagwa replaced Mugabe as its chairman. A source said: These six are running a regime within a regime. They are trying to run the election campaign as a military exercise rather than as a civilian process. EMMERSON MNANGAGWA If there should be an indictment in an interna-tional criminal court for the genocidal massacre of at least 20 000 Ndebele in southern Zimbabwe in the early 1980s, it would have to be that of Mnangagwa, 61, who was minister of state security at the time. He has also been named in a United Nations report as being among those respon-sible for the widespread looting of the mineral resources of the Democratic Republic of Congo during Zimbabwe`s deployment there to prop up the regime of Laurent Kabila in the late 1990s. Mnangagwa is all but assured of succeeding Mugabe when the latter eventually decides to go. PERENCE SHIRI Shiri is the 53-year-old head of the Zimbabwe airforce and a veteran of Zimbabwe`s independence struggle. While Mnangagwa co-ordinated the work of the security forces in Matabele-land in the early 1980s, Shiri was in charge of the crack North Korean-trained unit, the Fifth Brigade, which did the killings. The findings of the Chihambakwe Commission of Inquiry, instituted in 1982 to investigate the atrocities of the brigade, were never made public. CONSTANTINE CHIWENGA Chiwenga is the commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Force, which has spearheaded the campaign of violence that has led to the deaths of 86 people, the displacement of more than 200 000 and serious injuries to 10 000. It was Chiwenga who selected the senior officials, who took charge of the terror campaign. AUGUSTINE CHIHURI The only person to match Mugabe`s rabid anti-opposition rhetoric is this 55-year-old commissioner-general of the Zimbabwe police. A longtime commissioner ofthe Zimbabwe police, Chihuri was promoted to commissioner-general recently as a thank-you for converting Zimbabwe`s once promising police force into a military wing of Zanu-PF. Chihuri was the brains behind Operation Murambatsvina (Drive out trash), which was condemned by the UN as a violation of international law after it left nearly a million people homeless. PARADZAI ZIMOND

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