Wadi Qabbun Cisterns

What is affected
Type of violation Demolition/destruction
Date 23 April 2012
Region MENA [ Middle East/North Africa ]
Country Palestine
Location Southern Halhul, West Bank

Affected persons

Total 0
Men 0
Women 0
Children 0
Proposed solution

Prosecution of perpetrators, reparations for victims



Duty holder(s) /responsible party(ies)

Military occupation army
Brief narrative

Land Research Center: the Israeli Occupation Army Demolishes Two Cisterns in Halhul

Hebron – 23 April 2012

In the morning of Monday, 23 April 2012, the Israeli Occupation Army demolished and buried two water cisterns owned by Bassam Jahshan and Ali Atrash of Halhul.

Israeli troops accompanied by a dozer broke into the fields in Wadi Qabboun area, southern Halhul, and commenced the demolition.

The cisterns were built as part of a reclamation project implemented by UAWC and funded by the French Government.

Each of the cisterns was 100 m3 in volume and served a 10-dunum-field planted with grapes.

Bassam Jahshan said that he had received a demolition order and that he informed the UAWC which in turn informed the donors who promised to interfere. However, the cisterns were demolished this morning.

Jahshan was left worried about the fate of the seedlings that will suffer from the shortage of water especially in the coming hot summer days.

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